Monday, 22 March 2010

you know that feeling when.....or. 78 it is an'all

when you've put your bread into the toaster, set it to three (ha ha ha) and your waiting for it to pop up. your suddenly utterly lost in thoughts, stood right in front of your toaster, you fancy some jam, good ole toast and jam. its late and the house is silent, you've had a busy day, so much goin on and so much to think about and then you shit yourself as the toast pops up!! your entire upper body spasms at the sound of the mechanism rushing the toasted bread up towards you-ready to be buttered and jammed and eaten greedily.
then you calm yourself and get on with it ha ha-its not just me is it?! TELL ME SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS OF WHAT I SPEAK??!!?

brought to you by that quaint annalogy,
6th wife made out of jam,
possible fussball playing tomorra,
war of the worlds and phill lynot

elrossiter x x x x x x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

i've been holdin onto this for at least a week yo 77. or. jessica hynes is ace.

A physicist gets pulled over for speeding. He rolls down the window.

"Excuse me sir, do you know how fast you were going?" asks the policeman.

"No, but I do know exactly where I am!"

ha ha ha ha i think thats genius and as the header explains-its been in me for a short while now.
its satdi neet an i'm home alone! BAH RUBBISH BOLLOCKS CRAP DEPRESSIN!!
'your poppin your clutch' heard seconds ago via jeff bridges on the telly half a foot away from me but facing in an entirely different direction from my face- 'so's i can watch der telly box in bed like. an its not the big lebowski (mi third favourite film ever) its 'stick it' which i've never seen nor knew it were on or had the telly on for it. it came on after 'LIZZIE AND SARAH' which was why i had the telly on anyway. this was a pilot by jessica hynes and julia davies. and it was lush!! dark comedy, like that catherine tate show meets . it was cool and groovy and i was very impressed, top acting but great writing. it managed to be shockingly dark and very descriptive of parts of modernish society but it wasnt typical or obvious-not at all! like other people would have been more cautious and wary in regards to some of the subject matter. muchly enjoyed and was happily shocked! plus jessicas hynes is FREAKING LEGEND YO!!

ere she is ;)

and as mrs doctor...sort of. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER??

goodnight guys.

brought to you by some good programming,
the historian (novel)
nick cave and his bad seeds,

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

crazy wonderfull planets 76 baby! or. this time tomorra i'll be chillin in the big smoke

my new favourite website learned me this-

two white dwarf stars have been discovered that revolve around each other in a mere 5.4 minutes!! thats crazy man. the full scoop is over yonder.
cool and groovy i think.

and my favourite new cool and groovy site is io9 which is all about science fact and fiction, comics and literature, film and television, technology, jam, people and all sorts of fun stuff and geekery! have a butchers, you'll like it honestly.

off to the big smoke in the early mornings for good times BABY!!!

been having a big ole listen to 'soundgarden' and 'pearl jam' an i'm gettin into them like. embracing my grunge if you will, so thats good. okay then, think i'll leave you to munch on that nourishing goodness with a pearl jammin oral and visual spectacular-

i believe matey boy todd macfarlane was behind this unless i've lost my marbles completely.

brought to you by learning fun,
evolutuion baby

elrossiter from the future x x x x x x x x x

Monday, 8 March 2010

because i think we all need it mondi 75. or. its late again, past mi bedtime, 7th wife made out of jam

lets face it, this's always welcome and aint hurtin no bloody one!!! okay so i've been a bit of a misserable barstard today and I NEED IT OKAY!!?? deal with it.
he's a fuckin legend-you know this to be true.

my hero.

good night

brout to you by the locked up presbitarians,
ein minuten bitter,
5th wife into outter space ha ha ha ha

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

also i nearly forgot 74. or. i should in bed by this time-whats your point

as i forgot to mention this in the last eddie izzard spectacular fest!! here it is-

over the years theres been lots and lots of speculation about eddie izzard becoming the famous doctor (of who) which has offcourse yet failed to happen. and yaknow, people have been like, 'yeah that'd be fuckin reight good that would' sort of thing! but now after everything Mr izzard has accomplished and how generally amazing he is a person believe that people have got it wrong ha ha yes!! it is in fact the doctor who wishes he was eddie izzard oh yes sir it is! the doctor never ran no 43 marathons in 51 days, okay he is pretty spectacular.....lets call it a draw and be with it.

it's late i must surely be hallucinating this blog

brought to you by just talking stuff,
as you see fit,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x

a tribute to the greatest man that ever lived, Mr Eddie Izzard. or. 73 i'm covered IN BEEEEEEES!!!

if you don't know who eddie izzard is, then i will only forgive you if you follow this- cheeky little link and spend some time catching up!! if five minutes into it you haven't begun to fall in love with him...........then i can't help you, stop reading.

the man ran 43 marathons in 51 days! thats more than 1110 miles for crying out loud! most professional athletes wouldn't dare attempt something so unbelievable. and offcourse it was all for charity, see (read) 'SPORT RELIEF' talk about it. seriously!! the man is a modern day hero. he'd had no training, never ran a marathon before, didnt play footy at school or anythin. plus the man survived a plane crash ha ha ha.

for jeezy creezy's sake watch the first part of the adventure PLEASE!!

he was pretty legendary way before any of this, he's an educated, clever, witty, brilliantly funny man. not to mention balls of steel! i love him, he's bloody great!!!

officail website.

uh.....did i leave the gas on??......NO..i'm a fuckin squirrel!!

brought to you by the brilliant one,
cake or death!!
thats jeff vader that is,
building a henge are we, thats a marvelous idea,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x

Friday, 5 March 2010

the girl with the mousey hair friday. or. astronamy, sci fi an googlin 72.

i think this is cool, do you think this is cool??

seriously looks like a woman to me, aint idle fantasy great?? please ignore that this comes from the evil mail! also, i thought to myself-hmm post 72 is it-i do wonder what will happen if i google '72' and this is what i found in images on the first page-

this is a picture of the remnant of a star that exploded in a nearby galaxy known as the Small Magellanic Cloud, or, E0102-72! okay so, this galaxy is approximately 190'000 light years from the earth. so we are seeing it as it was, 190'000 years ago because thats how long the light takes to get to us right. so it doesnt look like that right now, oh no, we are seeing back in time effectively. its madness! THIS is the full article here.

what else...... been listenin to lots of good tunes via we7. is good, listen to full albums with a few short adverts-ACE!! we love THE CURE ;)
i read the forever war by joe haldeman, leant to me by my wonderfull mrs

was cool and groovy, proper gettin back into the science fiction! though this novel is mostly about the warside of things and the whole futility, none sensical, brutal, pointlesslness of it all. sorta like catch 22 but based on the cold war and yaknow-sci fi! very well written and great charectorisation, plus a brilliant ending. very good. now reading 'the lovely bones' very different. then 'the historian' by elizabeth costova.

that was fun.

brought to you by the limitlessness of the cosmos,
sci fi goodness,
we7 musical goodness,
finely finding out how to do enclosure links-didja notice?

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

whiny moany bitchy shiz. or. are you winding me up you bastard fri.

first off i'll start by saying that this is one of at least two blogs i'm gonna wright 'right now'! so if you don't wanto hear someone bang on about crap that will in all likely hood not affect you....i'd wait till the next entry!

banks! robbing shitty arsed bastards!!! they change the rules half way through so now i'm being charged more than ever! i've not gone over my overdraft (until last satdi which wasnt my fault and is the source of a completely differnt bitch!) but i'm paying even more!! its fucking outragous, i do nothing wrong but they's always always something i get shafted for, i play by the rules-they change them. what the fuck!

the job centre are massive bastards too, they dick me about all the time and give me false information!! its bad enough being an unemployed bum and all that dole shiz. they tell me to do this and then this will happen, but turns out to be bullshit. i'm trying like buggery to get a job-believe me!! i fucking hate being on the dole.

also had an epic ebay fail. thats no ones fault though, its a massive sellers market and no one wanted my stuff or bought it elsewhere for 10p. its frustrating is all.

i'm done. it can go an whistle in the dark!!

brought to you by being a moaning michael,