Wednesday, 17 February 2010

seventy, big time! or. a word from our sponsors

i think we can all relate to this!!

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Friday, 5 February 2010

for my girlfriend 'tsunamon'. or. friday night is cure night, 69

the other week i made some. . . . . weird request to my girlfriend, about blogging. she is 'tsunamon' and has a blog 'i hate to blog' by the way.! the request was that if she commented on my posts not to be, i don't know 'too over familiar' or to mention or make apparent that we are partners. i don't know what the hell i was thinking, like i was worried that people would be put off reading my blog because of it or something!!

point one-who reads this exactly (if anyone reads this post please comment ha ha)
point two-would anyone give a shit and how exactly would it affect me if they did??
point three-most importantlyy so fucking what if it did put anyone off! do i care?? no! if thats who you are why would i want you reading this. its a bit of fun and stress release and little more. its for my own sake and i enjoy it. lets not get overly serious for gods sake!

and whats more important exactly, 'possibly' discuraging some none existant web peoples or upsetting and confusing the love of my life!

okay, anyway. tsunamon, i'm really truly sorry for being stupid, inconsiderate and thoughtless! i really don't know what i was thinking and sincerely hope not to do anything like it ever again!

i'm sorry and i love you so much that it upsets me to have been anything but your loving boyfriend. and i know i've been a bit introvert with all this various stress stuff and i'm trying not ot let it affect me too much.
we'll be out for this mad thing on valentines soon and we'll have a blinder of a night and all will be fantasticzny!! so for you instead of the our usual 'friday i'm in love' heres something else-

you truly are the only one for me.

brought to you by knowing whats important,
romanian skiing which i will be doing from sunday,
robert smith

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

68 two things are massively pissing me off!!! or. today must be thurs routine

first thing-banks. bunch of fucking robbing bastard deceiving gets!! i'm so pissed off!!! they can sdo what they want, change the rules half way through and charge you for something you werent originally getting charged for! and they fuck things up and get things wrong all the time! useless twats who rip you off legimately and 'by the book'!!

second thing. i'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay. largely problem free except that i'm not sellign as much as i'd like. apart from one kwont who bought something from me using 'by it now' who won't cough up the moolah! and he's ignoring my messages after first having claimed to have paid, twat!

so i'm pissed off with those.

apart from that i'm goin skiing to romania on satdi and mi dads paying for it all as part of xmas/birthday present then i get to go to this mad thing with my mrs for valentines. i'm wearing a top hat and tails and she has a mini top hat. so thats awesome and exciting stuff!!!

brought to you by being robbed left, right and centre by bastards and twats!
rolling stones,
the incredible mrs

elrossiter x x x