Tuesday, 6 July 2010

birmingham. fashion photographer 81. or. i'm going to/ . to be a/ .

yes indeedy doody. ole elrossiter is off to start a new life in the exciting city of birmingham as a fashion photographer. yes. ia am. yes. i start on monday the 12th of july. yes!
onwards and upwards baby!! yes this is the latest crazy twist in my turny life and boy is it a big one. i'll be doing photography for a living, anything is possible from here-the sky's the limit if i apply myself and want it enough. and i'm moving citys for the second time. under completely different circumstances ofcourse, this time i'll be operating without a safety net. hjopefully i'll have more flat viewings booked in for this friday. did i mention i havent found anywhere to live yet, i didnt! shit. yeah i'll be crashing at my brothers for a bit and commuting the rest until i've found a beautiful gaff of my own.
moseleys such a fantastic place though, honestly man its lovely and leafey and chilled out. brilliant place to live. i've two more shifts left at the restaurant i'm currently inhabiting, i'm not particularly sad about leaving as nearly all of the amazing people i've come to know and love have already moved on. except for the one adventuring in america though we're not sure what she'll be doing when she gets back. i do miss them though, such amazing, vibrant people really!!

bloody ell yeah, big things. i'll well happy but i'll feel better when i'm settled into my new place. looking forward to the divine comedy at the moseley folk festival. not to mention the bunnymen at tramlines!

all in all-good times.

brought to you by exciting things,
new job,
new city,
new life.

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 3 July 2010