Thursday, 8 April 2010

i'm still here 79. or. she stroked a kitten in her lap thursdi

yeah i've been a slack blogger of late, we'll all just have to live with it i spose.

i will probly ramble and make little sense (so whats fucking new exactly) this is due to the fact that its been a rough bloody 3 weeks or so! but this man and his lovely bad seeds have helped-

i was looking for the proper studio video but all the embedding has denied scrawled all over itso i came upon this live video which is actually better in some ways. it has great sound and shows how much he puts into the gigs-which i've heard are fucking good! but with music that is so massively personal the gigs can be nothing but. you can see above how the audience are watching ole matey boy nick wearing his heart on his sleeve. i'd LOVE to see them man. so i've been listenin mostly to the 'no more shall we part' and 'let love in' albums on good ole 'WE7' as weel as bowies 'low' album which has very strong feelings and memories for me! go on an ask me why!

also i'm thinkin an hopin in some respects that i'll get a job that will involve some typing computery skills in the near future. so this is practice right? RIGHT?? i know you computer pixie people all agree with me, your silence is testament to that.

best thing on the telly at the moment 'wonders of the solar system' hosted by the fantastic professor brian cox!! ask me what i've learnt i dare you. to be fair-don't bother. i'll dedicate a full blog to it as its that genius!

and new doctor who. i thought the first epp was LUSH! and matt smith will be a brilliant doctor.

so much has beem goin on in the recent past that i can't put any of it the future prehaps.

brought to you by 'as she stokes a kitten in her lap'
fish custard,
some crazy emotional times,
the good professor,

elrossiter x x