Tuesday, 24 February 2009

the yell, with love. or. pancakes

and today. working out how to get proper videos into the ole blog. pay attention now kids! if this works you'll see the yell at the 'party lounge' single release down that loondoon!

CAN'T DO IT!!!!!! NO WORKING!! HELP? ? ? ? ? ? HOW'D YOU DO IT? ? ? ? ?



brought to you by pancakes,
the yell,
and nothing else

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

artery-they make my eyes rattle and my mind quake. or. my computer is doing rather strange things.

repomen, artery, carlin academy, sheffield.

a silhouetted dousche bag.

the fabulous repomen!


i've seen at least a thousand different types of monster. . . . in the eyes. . . . of bassists.

an eagle hovered above, my dreams last night. its eyesight was an extension of my pain!

the book i've got in my hand, is called the business jungle.

the edge! (cheeky)

five trains past me by today, four blue and one. . . a peculiar greEEey.


afterwards-the ultimate song to get 'pickled' to!

my computer seems to have come over all queer so its pretty much touch or go for the moment. my blogging days could be numbered! oh god i'd have to go an like . . . . talk to people in real life 'shudder' nar jus yankin yer chain, i love people me!
but my computer may explode, what i was tryin to say.

brought to you by the physical prescence of mark goldthorpe,
top bloke denzil,
having 'A' follower who may actually read this gumf,
shiv and lisa ;)
the genius of photography

elrositter x x x x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 21 February 2009

vic reeves, quite clearly my role model! or. i dunno sumfin about chimps an wagon wheels

the original man about town himself, jim noir. arbiter of weasels for mandatory drumming lessons, scientific pervaour of the self sustaining laser kettle and unstoppable dream creationist!

tweed suited (not above) gentleman mr reeves has some pretty flipping genius comedy under his belt by anyones standards! muchly with constant hetero life partner bob mortimer but ofcourse. the christmas shooting stars was sweet i thought, specially jack dee and the opera singer at the climax-THAT WAS LUSH!!

a top bloke, witty, full of beans, with a beautifull wife and kids. and that style man! the impecabley dressed gentlemen look! clearly this man is what i am aiming to become. for anyone who hasn't i hastilly recommend you with all haste take in the indomitable - catterick!


who doesnt love vic an bob?! after inducing some vic an bob i like to relax by having a nice relaxing pooo.

brought to you by, guess who- vic 'my hero' reeves,

bob mortimer,



elrositter x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 19 February 2009

i can't hardly stand it, r.i.p. Lux Interior. or. bend over i'll drive.

Lux Interior r.i.p.

what can you say about the cramps, they were a garage punk band that hit the NYC rock’n’roll scene in 76 and they coined the term psychobilly. they are fantastically unique with the launch of their B movie sci-fi/pulp horror inspired musical attacks!

just look at their song titles-

human fly

i was a teenage werewolf

saddle up a buzz buzz

goo goo muck

can your pussy do the dog

and ofcourse-detatchable penis

for a fitting description of the cramps see the website-


if you don’t know there stuff go do some investigating FAST!

brought to you by 96 tears,

do the clam,

dopefiend boogie
elrositter x x x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

zwanzig full circle blog spectacular! or. i dream therefore i am.

Just as I was thinking, hmm twentieth blog-need something good, I HAVE ANOTHER MENTAL DREAM-you lucky people!!! this thus links us to my first blog on here, bringing us full circle! we may become trapped in some sort of time paradox here people. . . . . . .

I awoke from this dream into the real world in a flash, straight from one to the other-remembering the dream with astounding clarity. When remembering my dreams I generally don’t remember voices, conversations, feelings and faces as clearly as I did this morning-it was amazing! But of course it starts to slip and melt away very very quickly so here I’m getting it down.
My companion throughout this was one of my old uni buddies jo. from final year photography degree. I’ve wondered many a time what she’s upto (same for everyone else) but not got in touch-so heres the time. Me thinks this dream was my subconscious kicking me in the head saying ‘message her you dousche bag’!

Okay so Its already slipping, struggling to remember we’re it started. Me and jo get into this gondola life type affair, its quite spacious and theres a third person with us that we both know. Can’t remember who, a woman I think, slightly older than us, I get the feeling she’s maybe a tutor/lecturer. So this ‘craft’ starts up and gets to quite a high speed, theres nothing on the inside-no chairs or straps or owt. The front and back are curved and have very large windows. There was a rocking motion to the thing, I think we would speed up quite vastly and slow down, the rocking motion strongest at the speeding/slowing. Also the windows would open on occasion, sliding gracefully up. They would do this in order to allow brightly lit ‘billboard’ like objects pass through the craft, even though I think some may have been bigger than the craft itslelf and it was offcourse sealed all the way round. Not that it mattered or affected us. At points we were sliding about, me being on my front, fairly nervous and apprehensive but being able to see out. I’m not sure if I knew we’re we were going but I have an impression it was paris (but It may not have been). I recall going and following a river or canal which was quite beautiful and European looking. I remarked to jo that this is the way I go to work, I flew to work in some sort of jet fighter you see.
When we were nearing our destination we went over some buildings, old hoses I think and the craft was changing direction, I said to jo that it reminded me of Hereford. I don’t recall leaving the craft but the next part was good and mental, not quite pole travel but still good (see first blog) me an jo (our other companion having gone) go behind this line of trees and theres this giant wall. Ordinary wall I think not! Its red and a type of plastic, that strong slightly rubbery thin stuff. Like what they used to make inflatable furniture out of! The wall wasn’t thick or solid and I never saw a top or end to it but it was as if it was hanging from somewhere unseen above. It had some give to it you see. Now there were quite a lot of people around and some were scaling this thing. It wasn’t like indoor rock climbing with the hand holds, the wall had these seam like splits. Sort of like the ones you get on some food packaging but they didn’t just split straight off to leave a long slit, more like the seam would split where you pushed your fingers through. But ‘just’ around your fingers so it would still be sealed in between the fingers. The seams didn’t run continuously but were in patches. So I can’t recall starting the ascent but I know jo was ahead of me and we had gained another companion. A bloke with black hair and possibly some sort of facial hair goatee arrangement. He and jo were continuing together ahead of me, and I next remember being a fair way up, certainly above the tree line. Jo and this bloke had reached a narrow shelf, I say shelf because it was perfectly flat exactly like a step but not t very wide. I was five or ten feet below them and had begun to feel nervous and a bit faint. I think I decided I wasn’t going to make it and needed to go back. I spoke to jo at this point and asked her to speak to me (consciously trying to distract myself) I asked her to tell me a story or something, I think she asked what about and I said anything, infact I believe I asked her about sid and she said he was fine and continued. The next thing we were back on the ground, a lot of people were around and they were all heading past us in the same direction. When I awoke I remembered two or three peoples faces so clearly and so distinctly it amazing and as if I’d just seen them in real life. One girls bright red lipstick, anothers eyes and lip piercing, all grinning looking thoroughly happy.

Well that’s it. God I love these mental dreams, I bloody love them their fucking great! Please don’t try to get me sectioned.

brought to you by having a nicely eccentric subconscious,
old friends,
bad news

elrositter X x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 14 February 2009

don't let the bastards grind you down! or. oh yes i dooooo' i'd kill for yooooou.

colin grigson, den dennis, vim fuego and spider webb are BAD NEWS!


rik mayall , nigel planer, adrian edmondson and peter richardson are BAD NEWS! and they are completely brilliant! apparently made at the same time as spinal tap! have been listening to them on last.fm but the 'comic strip presents' shows are in a league of there own-the culmination being when they played at donnington infront of thousands of metal heads! to get just how unbelievable it is you have to watch the show in full but fuck me they've got some balls i tell you what!!! getting pelted with stuff. and that guy from scorpions-what a MASSIVE KWONT!!! scorpions, the ultimate pervayors of the sickening soft as shit rock ballad!

killin, lootin, rapin, shootin. killin, lootin, rapin, shootin, killin lootin, rapin an a'shootin! repeat!

brought to you by adrion edmondsons balls of steal,
spinal tap,
not being able to sign on because ones fingers are glued to ones neck

lots of love
elrositter x x x x x x x x x x

Friday, 13 February 2009

friday 13th, shit is that why i've had no signal till frigging now?! or. upcoming friday night in rum madness.

i've nought to say, was in a top mood this mornin. that soon turned to shit, i'm blamin friday the 13th rather than facin upto my real problems. gonna drink me some rum. balls to valentines aswell!

the locust squats upon the leaf, he's just biding his time. he surveys our world and thinks, one day this will be miieeiieeiieeiieeine.

brought to you by bad news,



the 10 doctors

elrositter x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 12 February 2009

wed more snow, holy hell! or. a different headline altogether. or. oh frig its already thursday i'm a day behind!!!

i don't know why anyone would possibly want to read this. . . . this. . . this. . these ravings! but don't let that stop you.

last night i dreampt about my favourite jumper. i bought it a couple weeks ago, it was reduced cos there were a few pulls in the material and its just gone into the wash for the first time. i dreamp i was taking it back to the shop to exchange it or somethin because of said pulls which were maybe worse. i found someone who worked there, a bloke with a fairly thin mustasche-the kind that leads down from the septum and reaches to two points, east and west. he was gingerish and shortish. i explained (probably) what the score was and he began to receed with my jumper. thats all i remember.

so the significance was what then? simply that i miss my new jumper? have i recently lost something else i want back? or am i just fucked in the head?! email your suggestions to- elrositterisoutofhistinymind@christisthislunaticserious.com

anything significant to report, YES!

i have just read some franz kafka, quite fascinating! existentialism, does anybody know anything about existentialism?!? certainly i intend to read more and delve into existetialism!

another thing thats fascinating-CHAOS THEORY! i know a little of this but very very interesting

ha ha.

brought to you by jumpers,


chaos theory,

and some other stuff

elrositter x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

multiple exposure photography madness. or. tuesday words, and pictures three.

these photographs were taken with a nikon 35mm film camera. as simply as i can, i am taking multi photos over the same bit of negative. so four (for example) shots or exposures one on top of another. the camera remains stationary ofcourse using a tripod. the slightest movement during a single exposure (see third picture down) and there is that seeing double effect. hope thats clear ha.
its fun and photography experimentation is good!

okay image one is four exposures.

and this would be 8 exposures

four exposures.

and the last is five exposures.

i think these are interesting anyways, not to mention the photo therapy of actually taking photographs.

brought to you by-

photo therapy,


elrossiter x x x x x x x

coach travel - awake, asleep. or. tuesday words two.

After three hours sleep, hearty breakfasting and launching to the coach station, i began my northbound journey, leaving my brother and grand swindonian times behind. Drifting in, out, and around sleep whilst coach travelling differs much from travelling on trains or planes but is probably more similar to car travel. That confined warm, secure space you have. all but cocooned. You are warm and a little weary, everything around you softens, sometimes fading, becoming indistinct and distant. Sometimes snapping back into focus and drifting away again instantly. Night travel ofcourse increasing this floating feeling. The second leg of my northern bound journey from loondoon was all the more ‘floaty’ for want of a better phrase. Despite drinking a flask of strong tea I was drifting again within minutes, not being able to read more than a few lines of my book without my head lilting forward. But how psycological is this experience.
So clearly on the edge of sleep I put my book away, pull my thick coat as high as my head and lean into it ready to drift-off. At which point you don’t for reasons just slightly out of my grasp. After some time has passed you do but not easily as whilst slightly slumped trying to focus on the words in front of me. The shifting from the comfortable spot that you have settled into so completely and fully probably the key factor.
That limbo like area of sleeping awake, dreaming that merges with the present, sounds and feeling moving through the real and the felt of subconscious-ness. Exceedingly difficult to create but wholly wondrous to experience. Absolutely and individually unique, probably the reason it so tricky to describe so perfectly. But fun trying and remembering.

a shout to the dinosaur in the moon, fred-oh that cheeky fred, the easy confusion of sexuality and plushtix.

Brought to you by-
The usual cups o‘tea,
Kafka-investigations of a dog,
Alien and aliens

elrossiter x x x x x x

Monday, 9 February 2009

swindonia happened!!! or. tuesday words one.

somehow i made it aaaall the way to swindonia with an hour stop off in loondoon. snow cannot stop us rugged northeners! was fucking ace seeing the guys and girls and i am immensely glad it happened! us four lads had muchos pub fun on friday, lovely local boozers provided us with ale and rum and that blonde drying parts of herself on that fire! saturday brought us feelin nice an hanging and going hunting for the cure of munch! then the girls arrived which was ace's, we had fajita wrap munch and beer, followed by hitting the local boozer which featured stowfords press, the hollies and one of the girls making a friend for life in fred! back to the house for some more boozle yes, tunes, and much talking till loooong into the night/morning. we also learnt some fascinating excercise techniques from one of the girls and leant many things from each other, too much maybe, maybe not. there was a couple of insidents of drama over the weekend but no permanent damage was done fortunately, possibly even increased bonding. sunday brought my return back up north. ridonkulously early on a sunday after a lush but rushed breakfast. caught my coach, two hours break in loondoon wher unfortunately i missed seeing my loondoon cockney brah, but i did see buckingham palace. so i can say i've seen that, not that it blew my tiny llittle mind or owt. nine hours later i was home, it was LUSH seeing everyone and i woudn't have missed it for the world! massive congratulations are in order for my brother for organising his upcoming photography mission/adventure! and for our favourite canadian lassy for getting her job! you both did ace, coudn't be happier for you both ;)

on an un-related bent.

arthur dent - no, listen. benji said its easy to suspect, that if theres any real truth, its that the entire multi-dimensional infinity of the universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs.

brought to you by-
crossing the country and deffying weather,
metamorphosis-franz kafka
ian dury and the blockheads

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 5 February 2009

elrossiter doesnt know where his towel is! or. swindonian weekend, we shall see. . . . . or kellogs fruit an fibre YES!

short one i think today'ish.

brief negative-technology and where we are headin terrifies the hell out of me, money confounds and also terrifies me.

positive (more so at least)-i do believe i have become addicted to kellogs fruit and fibre cereal! ha i have a massive bowl of it in the morning with a cup o'tea. not like a 'normal' person offcourse because i will pick out some of the raisins and put them pack in the packet or if theres loads i will put some in the bin. . . . raisins in cereal is wrong!! but i will struggle and fight my way through the chewy buggers happily. sometimes i'll have a bowl during the day but why do i find myself thinking about it so much!!! coincindentally i have just finished a bowl. i am happy to admit to being a weirdo.

if everything goes to plan i will be having a swindonian weekend at my brother joes! with cai amanda, natalie, ed and angela-not sure about holli.

brought to you by-
fruit and fibre ;)
richard farina
the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy audio book read by stephen moore

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

been down so long it looks like up to me. or. A BIG MOAN-how the hells am i gonna blog if my compooter goes kerflooey?!

can you blog via post? telepathy? guess i'll just have to talk to real people if my computer does eventually give up the ghost.


my state of mind has not been at its best over recent times-no job (largely if not entirely my own fault) no special lady friend, no moneys, not seeing friends as much as i'd like and spending much of january in the arena of the un-well. all in all i've been irritable, moody, frustrated and a douschebag. god what do i sound like?!


if you don't do anything to sort this shit out, it will not get sorted out!


writing works as outlet for me, so does getting sucked into a book, playing the ole bass guitar, my fine friends and good music/television. if i hadn't have been reading so many good books and listening to awesome tunes i would have gone over the edge loooong ago.

been down so long it looks like up to me is thus far a very engaging and absorbing novel, written at the end of the fifties by richard farina. like a cross between 'fear and loathing in las vegas' and 'the catcher in the rye'
i've had a moan and a feel sorry for myself now i'm stopping this whiny boofugginhoo post.
brought to you by-
richard farina
david 'the legend' bowie
swindonia at the weekend
elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Monday, 2 February 2009

standstill, no go, stopped, kkrrk k. . . .breaking up. . or - enough snow in my garden to make a snow dalek!

wow etc, most snow in eighteen years and we're expecting a second wave. london knackerd but beatuifull. blizzard conditions expected in the south east! its pretty crazy. offcourse its brung the country to its knees and is continuing to cripple little ole england here. a LOT of snow i know but we just can't handle anything at all can we really, i mean 'anything' at all. we're not equipped to cope with any sort of unusaul wether, situation, event or very much at all, hell if its raining heavyier than normal sheffield town centre all but immediately grinds to a holt! road, air, rail, sea-shut!

quite enough negative i think.

it is rather amazing to see so lets focus on that yeah

buh bye
brought to you by-
anticipation of soul shredder tonight

elrossiter x x x x x x xx

Sunday, 1 February 2009

second sunday blog blaster! its on kringer or, what the hell is kring?

indeed what the zark is kring? the nation, if not the world screams the question. well now. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it could be that it is a person of some persuasion-THIS PERSON-

kringer on the left.

or maybe its a company-


-looks like there changin there name joseph, nab the name before some fool robs it from your mits! but what else could a kring or 'kringer' be i hear you holler, perhaps it comes from 'tim kring' the charming chappy behind heroes. 'thats the one' i hear joseph screech, but i feel more investigation is quite nescassery, i mean-what if this is a raspberry to throw us of the trail. maybe a kring is a rare sub-species of vole. or maybe its the technically correct desciption for a circle of wooden hard backed chairs-

or michael kring, the little known but quite fantastically mad sci-fi author. i've rumbled you haven't i meester armstrong? come on admit? i won't exploit you i promise

well well well i think the kringing has been kringed as far as it'll kring, for you and me both. if i have to type kring one more time i may just not be able to take it!

thanks for laying down the gorntlet there dude, ha ha ha i enjoyed it immensley! who won?!

brought to you by the silly silly k word



elrositter x x x x x x x x

on le poderosa man!

christ its february! unruddybloodybelievable. the yell were ace, sheffield factory goodness. appart from dan making monkeys out of me and Leeroy, pitting Leeroy against Leeroy, the swine that he is. THE SWINE! next time dan. oh-ho next time sir thou'est balls'est shall but surely be placed upon the rack and lo, Leeroy and Leeroy shall but do no lessest than the rhumba upon them. and lo. . . sir, thou shall be but surely fucked. . . .est. add to that another chapter of 'woman confuse the living hell outof me' was that beautifull beautifull woman interested in me or was it a case of, hey whos that mental looking guy-boy does he look mental. who knows, do you? does anyone? i sure as shit don't!


for lack of a more inspiring photograph to put into todays blog, here is a capybara snuffling in the water.

todays blog thanks-

bumping into james on the bus

the yell-the age of pursuit

alice cooper-spark in the dark

the motorcycle diaries

elrossiter x x x x x x x x