Thursday, 15 March 2012

its a late night early mornin 101. or. there won't be any proper tuition you understand

i'm listening to Slade 'begginings/play it loud' there first 2 albums on one disc! whilst wearing my new (and second) slade t'shirt-which i probably coudnt afford, but do i give a fuck?! i'm mostly just winding down after a long and slightly bizzare night at work. people are obnoxious when there utterly trouserd (hammered, typsy, pissed up) and you are sober. not all of them, don't get me wrong-but some people can be quite repulsive, and others just creepy and mental.

woudnt be surprised if i get a call in the morning asking me to come in as someone was ''ill'' today-bloody buggered if i am though. planning on having an epic lye-in baby!

anyway forget all that bollocks and listen to some noddy wisdom-
the pleasures of the journey to the centre of your mind!!

that is all.

elrossiter x

Saturday, 10 March 2012

its a slade tribute celebration. or. a rowdy 100 for ya's!

its a good times, happy times, party times jump about tune-which is what slade did best! and i've finished noddys biography 'whos crazee now' which i thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed!! slade were the ultimate working class band, they did they time, worked there arses off and had a bloody good time while doing it. at one point they were one of the biggest bands on the planet-which is something i don't think many people know (i didnt to be honest). they were truly massive and there history is fascinating, as is noddys view on the world. love it!

truly there live performances were something to be reconned with!

they had such a loyal, supportive and crackers fan base-people simply loved them, no-one had quite the knack that noddy did with the audience. the ultimate working mans band.
i'm gonna finish for the time being but i'll try to recount some of his stories at later date.

i believe....

with thanks to those good and inspiring people
elrossiter x