Saturday, 31 January 2009

don't appologise!

''warning'', contains personal whinnying.

its an end of january saturday. i'm recovered from mumpage, still jobless, treacleless and farely directionless. tonight the yell play a factory in sheffield, untill then i plan on spending much of saturday drinking tea, wearing a jumper and reading ernesto che guevara's motocycle diaries. yesterday i actually went job hunting and theres a chance something may actually come of it-which means i have decisions to make. like if i'm gonna get me a motorbike or motorscooter. i also did some photography! much much needed photo therapy. playin around with the ole multi exposure technique, greatly fun-more to be done lucky for me. some of which i may just post when i get em delevoped.

lately i've found myself thinking about old times quite frequently, the old student gaff at 51 Barrs court road. gettin in from workin at the pub with some newclear browns an stayin up talkin bollocks till 4 int mornin. steve living on the settee all year, busting the bathroom door down to make sure he's not choking on his own chunder. hanging with leila-oh that fantastic leila! an then there was that mental halloween when i bought that bottle of tequila, ho ho yes that was nice an messy! an all the randoms coming an goin. most of all offcourse my brother joe. getting to know the dude, us being the first two in the house. getting boozed, chillin in the frontroom, hangovers, him helping me out with dissertation stuff (especially that 'fun' night before hand in) hallucinating mist through the house at 7.30 in the morning. ha an teaching me about cricket! he taught me much. a shout out to joe, steve, leila, sarah, sarah, granty, georgie, jon, laura anne, an ed. our mental landlords jean an jeff. caff day! roll on next weekend, when a load of us visit swindonia to see brother joe! good times expected!

spaced-best comedy, sitcom, drama type program of all time surely!

'i'm in sheffield tim'

'sheffield, what are doin in sheffield?'

'fell asleep on the tube'

'but the tube doesn't go to sheffield?'

'must've changed at kings cross'

brought to you by-

the motorcycle diaries of ernesto che guevara
born to be wild-seppenwolf
mark knoppfler
these things take time-the smiths
and caffs!

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

the wednesay blog doo dah day.

some of my stuff, three completey unrelated photographs! medium format and 35mm nikon goodness.
Hereford in december.
Sheffield tinsley towers (deceased)
Hungover gentlemen in Bulgaria.

jus for the fun of it really. i think my loverly start to the new year january fun time mump fest may be at last entering the end game. and although it has been immensely enjoyable i may be forced to enter the real world again, be socially active, talk to people and here's the kicker-get a zarking job and earn so green! i'm in actual going out of my tiny mind not working and getting my hands dirty sounds pretty freaking lush right about now, monkey work-whatever. i shall write a conclusion to 'the saga of the mumps' when it is called for but for the moment i think i shall go make some dinner!
this blog was brought to you by 'komm, gib mir deine hand' and 'sie
liebt dich' the beatles sing in german-genuinely, i swear i would not blow smoke up your ass! coudnt believe it, well good!
you all be good boys and girls and robotronic entities now!
elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

sheffields finest pervaors of musical elloquants, ladies, gentlemen and robot forms of life i give you. . . . . jack and the beansprouts!

in the wonderfull steel city itself, on a wonderfull thursday dusk, in a wonderfull shop of the clothing vintage, do take to the stage a wonderfull group of simply the most splendin of chaps!

and to conclude-my first night out in three full entire weeks of being most gravely ill-lots of wonderfull fun was consumed and all was but good. then me n'ian had haggis, hope we don't get indigestion. good good night.
elrossiter x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

elrossiters top five science fiction/horror.

take two (bleedin technology)
okay so heres elrositters top fives. . . . . . . .

1 the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by douglas adams
2 consider phlebas by iain m. banks
3 i am legend by richard matheson
4 space by stephen baxter
5 k-pax by gene brewer

1 the original star wars trilogy
2 the alien quadrilogy (more or less)
3 event horizon (come on sam neil)
4 terminator 2
5 the thing
telly programs-
1 doctor who
2 the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
3 merlin, the one staring sam neil, helenna bonham carter and isabella rossillini
4 the prisoner
5 star trek voyager i spose ( from scorpion onwards, species 8472 an shit!)
1 the doctor
2 ford prefect and marvin
3 han and chewy
4 prot (rhymes with goat)
5 number 6
best radio programmes
the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (the quintessential phase-mostly harmless, which i listened to today)
best album
war of the worlds, oooh nathaniel-reet good!
stuff that was considered
dimension of miracles by robert sheckley, brave new world by aldous huxley, lord of the flies by william golding,
virus, star trek first contact, stargate
stargate sg1/atlantis, threshold, x-files,
kryton, malenfant and nemoto, frik
so thats the shiz, i'm sure i've missed out loads of obvious stuff here but i'm ill so forgive and please don't hesitate to point them out or offer your thoughts.
elrositter x x x x x x x x x x x x

Monday, 19 January 2009

'apparently' monday the 19th of january is the most depressing day of the year. ho hum, sigh etc

i want you all to know i'm feeling very depressed, not really (no more than usual at any rate) monday the 19th of january is the most dee-pressing day of the year according to all those wonderful experts, but don't top yourself it'll be tuesday tommorrow probably, i'm no expert in these matters. just have a cup o'tea and think about somethin else is my advise, tea is the answer to everything oh yes!

any hitchhikers guide to the galaxy/ian dury and the blockheads fans out there WON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!

and more and more and more-,RNWN:2006-41,RNWN:en%26sa%3DG - how wonderfull!!!!

there are 'apparently' eight hundred and ninety eight active satellites in our atmosphere, do you think theres like a starbucks satellite or a scientologist satellite? maybe will smith has one, or like a wimpy satellite thats out of commission and fallen into an unstable orbit, it could fall on your house (if it didn't break up in the atmosphere)

imagine the wimpy satellite landing in your garden!

r.i.p. Tony Hart, he was truly a top bloke.

this blog is brought to you by grey shirts, the book 'space' by stephen baxter and the songs isolation by john lennon, isolation by iggy pop-featuring none other than david bowie! and quarantine by the cakes. i'm off to the kettle, bye!

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Friday, 16 January 2009

what the mumps do to a man, or, sorry if i go on a bit, you know how it is!

hey has anyone out there ever had the mumps?!?

mine kicked in about 11 days ago and have all but gone now, leaving me with 5 more days of isolation as i am still contagious! 25 years of age and i get the bloody bleedin mumps, after being so so carefull my entire life aswell..............this is my story.............

it was but a regular and ordinary monday in the month of january. anything could happen but 'anything' hardly ever does, theres a pub but the regulars are barred (sorry thats john cooper clarke) so anywhere i'm minding my own beeswax (as you always are when something extra ordinary happens offcourse) when out of nowhere i am accosted by a horriffic and utterly terriffying mump! (unfortunately it escaped the encounter un-photographed so we'll have to make-do with this artist extrapulation)-

when suddenly faced with this 'mightiest of all gods creatures' i am left entirely unable to act in any way or form, so the blighter jumps me and sinks one of those mighty daddy teeth into me, just below my left ear. the skin instantly swelling in an alarmingly explosive manner to 3 or 4 times its normal size! so ole mister mump, having infected me good, leaves me looking the double of popeye the sailor man and makes a leisurely escape chuckling leisurely to itself and flipping me the bird! only pausing briefly to light a cigar then saluting in an Unnecessarilly sarcastic manner, it rounds a corner, leaving me in a crumpled heap, truly used and indeed abused.

a week and four days later the infection has left me and i am drinking my first beer to celebrate, all be it alone in isolation. oh but next time i will be ready for you mister mump, oh yes sir! oh yes, your goin down!

on a seperate note, (if you haven't already) check this out for good listenin! and guten tag

Elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some multiple exposure tom-foolery that is quite fun! more of which i shall be certainly be doing soon!

how good is this?!?

for some good tunage/musicage/sound/noise and for all your cuttlefish related needs visit-

R.I.P. Patrick Mcgoohan

todays bag of random was brought to you by 'not doing anything constructive' and the musical genius of the hollies and pulp.

Elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Monday, 12 January 2009

the mental dream i had last night.

Okay so i'm tryin to remember as much as possible here.

right so we were on some sort of vast never ending expanse of water but it just doesn't quite seem as if its a sea. there were a few of us but i can no longer distinguish indivual people. okay so where on this massive expanse of water that stretches from horizon to horizon and where holding onto these 'poles' that are almost perfectly vertical, i don't remember looking up or down and didn't see the tips of these poles so as far as i know they go on forever. now the poles themselves didn't seem to have any notches or footholds on them so i believe they were basically featurelles.

so i think what we were trying to do was work out what the hell was happening and were moving about through the water, exploring on our poles, we i think occasionally ran into someting sort of hanging and maybe coming out of the water-like seaweed but clear and more artificial. i have the impression that we werent just people, but were superheroes or others (like in the night watch trilogy i just read) with some funky abillities-although we werent using them. two of the clearest things i remeber-the first was coming across what i'm pretty sure was a large strip of cellotape reaching straight up from the water to an unseen point above us. it was as if it was from a comic or book holding two pages together but it wasnt flat like a wall because i litterally travelled into it and it was clearly solid and 3D. the other thing i remember is before i woke up, there were now only three of us, two of which were going forward but the other woudnt, she said something like she didnt have to risk herself for others-i remember this woman was/or someone very like faith from buffy the vampire slayer (geek sorry!). so the two caontinued to move forward and then stopped as we noticed a man coming towards us (possibly out of some mist and also travelling on a pole offcourse) he was slightly over weight and was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. i had the impression he was an ordinary human and had sinister intentions and wanted something from us so i asked him. then the bastard alarm tore into the real world and that was that.

WHAT DO YOU THINK TO THAT THEN?! i love these insane dreams.

x x x x x x xx