Monday, 6 December 2010

and now radio 6 is playin the buzzcocks 93. or. one guess which track it is. . .

this is all incredibly strange ocourse and i'm not convinced i know what to do with it. i suppose thats what happens when your part of these crazy office shenanigans/scandals/impulvise things with colleagues your very close with. oh i'm really not sure whats goin on or what she's thinking....i mean i think we're basicaly gonna be alright but it seems like it may be a bit of a strangled path towards that point. or it might not, its complicated by the fact that i'm still pretty friggin knackerd from the weekend and got minimal sleep last night-sleep just wasnt happnin. i don't think she wants to go to that place but then again does she-I DONT KNOW i dont know i dont know i dont knoooow....i think we're gonna go for a drink and a lovely none awkward none complicated none difficult chat one evenin. hopefully to buggery i'll have been able to sleep before then. oh i dunno man, just part of life i spose.

-next blog


elrossiter x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

what am i gonna do what am i gonna do what am i gonna do what am i gonna do 92. or. will things just go back to normal?

what am i gonna do?? what am i gonna do what am i gonna do what am i gonna do what am i gonna do what am i gonna do what am i gonna do? ? ? i dunno what i'm gonna do really......i suspect i'll make it up as i go along. life should be so much simpler than this i think. but its not obviously, so what am i gonna do then

elrossiter x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sunday, 14 November 2010

hmm, good gravy 90. or. some people like to do special blog posts at certain chronological junctures

is it wrong to drink gravy out of a mug with a spoon?? this's the mug you used to pour the gravy onto your tea.

brought to you by pie mash broccoli and gravy baby,
souljacker by eels,
pulling mussels from the shell by squeeze,

elrossiter x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

theres always fucking something 89! ! ! or. new musics fantabulousness

oh fuckinell seriously!! (tune out if you aint interested in a yorkshiremen ranting)

first off orange fucked me off by being utterly useless incompetent dickead pricks. i still don't know if they've got it right after fucking up my extortianate bill. BT fucked me off days earlier with a bill that is both bullshit and surely fictional, i'm gonna haveto fone the dickeads to sort it out which means adding to said orange extortionateness. the bank havent fucked me over any more than usual recently-which means i'm probly due one.
bottom line as always is that there all MASSIVE KWONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caps lock abuse and smashing my keyboard keys as i type-YOUR DAMN STRAIGHT!!! why must they all fuck with my life??!!
and worst of all to top it off, my tea decided to chuck itself all over the floor :( sad emoticon. i had the washing machine on, which is next to the oven, the washing machine for part of the cycle vibrates quite intensly and melodramaticaly. so the pan of sausages red onion and lots of lovely potatoes was edging towards cliff edge of the oven. i don't know what was going through its commulative mind, 'making a bid for freedom'? or simply part of a 'lets screw the bearded tennat over bwahahaha' plan. i heard it clatter while i was away in front of the fire (cos its bloody freezing) but managed to salvage some of it. bastards!! anyway.......

new musics baby!! during my satdi explorations to kings heath in birmingham i got me some new music. one of the boozers was having this bar top sale 'thingymabobbby' which was car boot type thing in the back rooms of a boozer. so for the fucking fantabulous price of five squid i got the following-
new boots and panties by Ian dury and the blockheads,
aouljacker by Eels,
the greatest hits by Squeeze (god i love cool for cats)
and the first self titled album by the Coral.

all of em for £5-stunning, at another time i would have paid 5 squid for new boots and panties, i've listened to most of em and there brilliant, i'll well happpy. the blockheads are playing as we're speaking. on my explorations i also visited some charity shops which is one of my favourite ways to chill out, unwind and purchase some great finds. todays find was the book 'Rama 2' by arthur c clark. i read 'Rendevous with rama' a few months ago and thought it was a cool book and very well written, there wasn't much revelation at the end though, no 'holy shit', 'thats fuckin brilliant' moments. but now we have a second book which i didnt know existed so hopefully-cue revelations and momentous shocking announcements ha ha. i know he's capable of them-see 'childhoods end'.

and just so we don't forget

brought to you ian dury and the blockheads
rant baby rant
arthur c

elrositer x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

88 ti eighty teight ti. or. simple things

thats all i wanted to say.


elrossiter x x x x x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

i cant shake this feeling 87. or. too much computer time sundi.

okay so i'm posting another youtube music video. now i'm very conscious that shoving these at people too much is not good. but i always feel that i'm doing it legitimatly and not just for the sake of it.
this song evokes great and powerful and very real emotions in me and i just want it to be part of my blog, to be there as i feel that it should. i'm also conscious that its my bloody blog and no fucker else will probably see it ha ha ha, which is fine. and hey if they (that would be you fair reader) do then i hope they will listen and maybe get an idea of why i think this is so deserving of post.
and god i'd bloody love to see them live!

thank you.

brought to you by tram line and camping reminiscinse's,
and what have you

elrossiter x x x x x x

Friday, 29 October 2010

theres too many kings wanna hold you down 86. or. furry psychedelic excellent'ness


i went to see the 'psychedelic furs' on wednesday in lovely birmingham itself-they were fucking excellent, absolutely fucking excellent!!
they sound good on record but are massively better live, richard buttlers voice is incredible, the bloke coudnt stand still ha ha, gesticulating all over the place and having a great time

the sound in the HMV institute was perfect too, i had a great time despite being on my billy no mates! i'm massively back into gigging-so many bands i wanto se! motorhead next i think-for like the 4th or 5th time ;)

brought to you by the furs psychedelic,
the beautiful wedding i've just been to,
those wonderful people that keep me sane,

elrossiter x x x x x x xx x

Thursday, 30 September 2010

85 an is it possible i have an actual connection. or. #gasp# well fuck me!

oh aye the engineer actualy rocked up when ee was sposed to. so theres a genuine possibility i'll actually resume bein a blogger and will once again be-

with a shit ton of love from elrossiter x x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

its an 84 alan partridge time blog. or. we're all still here somewhere

had me an alan partridge dream type thing. it could have been a lost episode or something it was well good! he was sort of working in a pub but it was still in the style of the travelodge in which he lived, you do see him at the bar actualy in the program. yeah so he was working there and just being alan partridgy but a bit more depserate and stuff. swearing unexpectadly and doing his incredible cringe inducing flirting. funny stuff. properly like watching an episode though as i was not present at all and it wasn't as if i was living the role of alan.

funny shit. went camping to wales during the banh holliday just gone, barmouth on the edge of snowdonia on the coast. fecking beautiful place, much good times were had. went in the sea and did some rock pooling which i always love, found lots of groovy little cretures incliding some little shrimpy guys which gave me a pedicure when i stood still in the water in a particularly populated community. was awesome, can't wait to get my pictures back!

thats all for now. life continues to have its amazing bits and not so amazing bits, the weekend just gone was one of the amazing bits baby.

brought to you by aaaaahhh hhaaaaaaaaaa,
groovy visitors,
shrimp dudes,
missing lauren,

elrossiter x x x x

Monday, 23 August 2010

you have the face of a duck. or. its an 83 it is.

very melancholic today. melancholic mondi. had a decent enough weekend, yesterday was a lush chill fest. just apprehensive about the upcoming weekend i spose, hey-ho, worrying about ut obv doesnt help but what can you do.

reading the star maker by olaf stapleton-look it up! best cover ever man.

good book too. think thats it fer now. guess i just wanted to say hello.

elrossiter x x x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

stuff has been a'foot baby. or. 82 it is, shall be and sooner or later, was.

where has elrossiter been then. exactly. then? well i'm afraid i have been without the internets for some time now. but i do intend to plan on seriously thinmking about getting myself hooked up shortly after the next payday.

i have found myself a nice flat. yeah baby, i have my own flat. good times. this is my fifth week now. my furnishing though, is not complete. though i have a chair and all my stuff (nearly) i need to aquire for myself a two seater sofa type arrangement, a toaster, more shelfy cupbordy type things, some little kitchen storage stuff and more utensil things. i have a nice bed but i wish to get a slightly smaller one that will slot into the alcove and thus give me more floor space. and other various odds and sods.
but the flat is very groovy and i'm nicely comfortable there. it is the top floor of an old victorian house and has two flats below me. it is fairly spaceous with nice carpets in the lounge which are good for sitting on and funky ceilings with mad panneling. birminghams groovy! will do some more exploring this weekend (as i'll actualy be here)

lots has occured. tramlines was fucking brilliant and involved focus, lemon teargas, the busker bus which was fucking hillarious! annie mac and some of the 'ask' crew (one of the lovely newbies inparticular-good times) the deutschmarks, running around with my photography pass, excellent trips to ecclesfield. and to top it off- ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN BABY!! HELL YEAH! they were absofuckinglutely incredible! i had an 'unbearable lightness of being' moment-pretty much all the way through. i had the best time, i really did. and Richard hawley coming out for the last tune off the encour was just almost more than i could handle! the sly mother fucker ha ha ha. one of the guys from the bunnymen had been on radio 6 earlier in the week and he mentioned the possibility of it in the future but i honestly wasnt expecting it. just......good times, they did 'waiting for my man' ha ha ha.

so er.. yeah. works alright, getting on fine. birminghams groovy. done this and that etc. read some good sci fi, rewatching series one of 'being human' which is my new favourite series. gonna see the divine comedy in a few weeks here in birmingham-can't wait, neal hannon is brilliant. lots of stuff.

thats it for now. don't know when 83 will occur, just don't know.

in a bit.

brought to you by another life,
da brilliant bunnymen,
the lovely people i've been getting to know,
star maker,
and the fantabulous laren laverne-we love ya baby.

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

birmingham. fashion photographer 81. or. i'm going to/ . to be a/ .

yes indeedy doody. ole elrossiter is off to start a new life in the exciting city of birmingham as a fashion photographer. yes. ia am. yes. i start on monday the 12th of july. yes!
onwards and upwards baby!! yes this is the latest crazy twist in my turny life and boy is it a big one. i'll be doing photography for a living, anything is possible from here-the sky's the limit if i apply myself and want it enough. and i'm moving citys for the second time. under completely different circumstances ofcourse, this time i'll be operating without a safety net. hjopefully i'll have more flat viewings booked in for this friday. did i mention i havent found anywhere to live yet, i didnt! shit. yeah i'll be crashing at my brothers for a bit and commuting the rest until i've found a beautiful gaff of my own.
moseleys such a fantastic place though, honestly man its lovely and leafey and chilled out. brilliant place to live. i've two more shifts left at the restaurant i'm currently inhabiting, i'm not particularly sad about leaving as nearly all of the amazing people i've come to know and love have already moved on. except for the one adventuring in america though we're not sure what she'll be doing when she gets back. i do miss them though, such amazing, vibrant people really!!

bloody ell yeah, big things. i'll well happy but i'll feel better when i'm settled into my new place. looking forward to the divine comedy at the moseley folk festival. not to mention the bunnymen at tramlines!

all in all-good times.

brought to you by exciting things,
new job,
new city,
new life.

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Thursday, 8 April 2010

i'm still here 79. or. she stroked a kitten in her lap thursdi

yeah i've been a slack blogger of late, we'll all just have to live with it i spose.

i will probly ramble and make little sense (so whats fucking new exactly) this is due to the fact that its been a rough bloody 3 weeks or so! but this man and his lovely bad seeds have helped-

i was looking for the proper studio video but all the embedding has denied scrawled all over itso i came upon this live video which is actually better in some ways. it has great sound and shows how much he puts into the gigs-which i've heard are fucking good! but with music that is so massively personal the gigs can be nothing but. you can see above how the audience are watching ole matey boy nick wearing his heart on his sleeve. i'd LOVE to see them man. so i've been listenin mostly to the 'no more shall we part' and 'let love in' albums on good ole 'WE7' as weel as bowies 'low' album which has very strong feelings and memories for me! go on an ask me why!

also i'm thinkin an hopin in some respects that i'll get a job that will involve some typing computery skills in the near future. so this is practice right? RIGHT?? i know you computer pixie people all agree with me, your silence is testament to that.

best thing on the telly at the moment 'wonders of the solar system' hosted by the fantastic professor brian cox!! ask me what i've learnt i dare you. to be fair-don't bother. i'll dedicate a full blog to it as its that genius!

and new doctor who. i thought the first epp was LUSH! and matt smith will be a brilliant doctor.

so much has beem goin on in the recent past that i can't put any of it the future prehaps.

brought to you by 'as she stokes a kitten in her lap'
fish custard,
some crazy emotional times,
the good professor,

elrossiter x x

Monday, 22 March 2010

you know that feeling when.....or. 78 it is an'all

when you've put your bread into the toaster, set it to three (ha ha ha) and your waiting for it to pop up. your suddenly utterly lost in thoughts, stood right in front of your toaster, you fancy some jam, good ole toast and jam. its late and the house is silent, you've had a busy day, so much goin on and so much to think about and then you shit yourself as the toast pops up!! your entire upper body spasms at the sound of the mechanism rushing the toasted bread up towards you-ready to be buttered and jammed and eaten greedily.
then you calm yourself and get on with it ha ha-its not just me is it?! TELL ME SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS OF WHAT I SPEAK??!!?

brought to you by that quaint annalogy,
6th wife made out of jam,
possible fussball playing tomorra,
war of the worlds and phill lynot

elrossiter x x x x x x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

i've been holdin onto this for at least a week yo 77. or. jessica hynes is ace.

A physicist gets pulled over for speeding. He rolls down the window.

"Excuse me sir, do you know how fast you were going?" asks the policeman.

"No, but I do know exactly where I am!"

ha ha ha ha i think thats genius and as the header explains-its been in me for a short while now.
its satdi neet an i'm home alone! BAH RUBBISH BOLLOCKS CRAP DEPRESSIN!!
'your poppin your clutch' heard seconds ago via jeff bridges on the telly half a foot away from me but facing in an entirely different direction from my face- 'so's i can watch der telly box in bed like. an its not the big lebowski (mi third favourite film ever) its 'stick it' which i've never seen nor knew it were on or had the telly on for it. it came on after 'LIZZIE AND SARAH' which was why i had the telly on anyway. this was a pilot by jessica hynes and julia davies. and it was lush!! dark comedy, like that catherine tate show meets . it was cool and groovy and i was very impressed, top acting but great writing. it managed to be shockingly dark and very descriptive of parts of modernish society but it wasnt typical or obvious-not at all! like other people would have been more cautious and wary in regards to some of the subject matter. muchly enjoyed and was happily shocked! plus jessicas hynes is FREAKING LEGEND YO!!

ere she is ;)

and as mrs doctor...sort of. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER??

goodnight guys.

brought to you by some good programming,
the historian (novel)
nick cave and his bad seeds,

elrossiter x x x x x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

crazy wonderfull planets 76 baby! or. this time tomorra i'll be chillin in the big smoke

my new favourite website learned me this-

two white dwarf stars have been discovered that revolve around each other in a mere 5.4 minutes!! thats crazy man. the full scoop is over yonder.
cool and groovy i think.

and my favourite new cool and groovy site is io9 which is all about science fact and fiction, comics and literature, film and television, technology, jam, people and all sorts of fun stuff and geekery! have a butchers, you'll like it honestly.

off to the big smoke in the early mornings for good times BABY!!!

been having a big ole listen to 'soundgarden' and 'pearl jam' an i'm gettin into them like. embracing my grunge if you will, so thats good. okay then, think i'll leave you to munch on that nourishing goodness with a pearl jammin oral and visual spectacular-

i believe matey boy todd macfarlane was behind this unless i've lost my marbles completely.

brought to you by learning fun,
evolutuion baby

elrossiter from the future x x x x x x x x x

Monday, 8 March 2010

because i think we all need it mondi 75. or. its late again, past mi bedtime, 7th wife made out of jam

lets face it, this's always welcome and aint hurtin no bloody one!!! okay so i've been a bit of a misserable barstard today and I NEED IT OKAY!!?? deal with it.
he's a fuckin legend-you know this to be true.

my hero.

good night

brout to you by the locked up presbitarians,
ein minuten bitter,
5th wife into outter space ha ha ha ha

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

also i nearly forgot 74. or. i should in bed by this time-whats your point

as i forgot to mention this in the last eddie izzard spectacular fest!! here it is-

over the years theres been lots and lots of speculation about eddie izzard becoming the famous doctor (of who) which has offcourse yet failed to happen. and yaknow, people have been like, 'yeah that'd be fuckin reight good that would' sort of thing! but now after everything Mr izzard has accomplished and how generally amazing he is a person believe that people have got it wrong ha ha yes!! it is in fact the doctor who wishes he was eddie izzard oh yes sir it is! the doctor never ran no 43 marathons in 51 days, okay he is pretty spectacular.....lets call it a draw and be with it.

it's late i must surely be hallucinating this blog

brought to you by just talking stuff,
as you see fit,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x

a tribute to the greatest man that ever lived, Mr Eddie Izzard. or. 73 i'm covered IN BEEEEEEES!!!

if you don't know who eddie izzard is, then i will only forgive you if you follow this- cheeky little link and spend some time catching up!! if five minutes into it you haven't begun to fall in love with him...........then i can't help you, stop reading.

the man ran 43 marathons in 51 days! thats more than 1110 miles for crying out loud! most professional athletes wouldn't dare attempt something so unbelievable. and offcourse it was all for charity, see (read) 'SPORT RELIEF' talk about it. seriously!! the man is a modern day hero. he'd had no training, never ran a marathon before, didnt play footy at school or anythin. plus the man survived a plane crash ha ha ha.

for jeezy creezy's sake watch the first part of the adventure PLEASE!!

he was pretty legendary way before any of this, he's an educated, clever, witty, brilliantly funny man. not to mention balls of steel! i love him, he's bloody great!!!

officail website.

uh.....did i leave the gas on??......NO..i'm a fuckin squirrel!!

brought to you by the brilliant one,
cake or death!!
thats jeff vader that is,
building a henge are we, thats a marvelous idea,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x

Friday, 5 March 2010

the girl with the mousey hair friday. or. astronamy, sci fi an googlin 72.

i think this is cool, do you think this is cool??

seriously looks like a woman to me, aint idle fantasy great?? please ignore that this comes from the evil mail! also, i thought to myself-hmm post 72 is it-i do wonder what will happen if i google '72' and this is what i found in images on the first page-

this is a picture of the remnant of a star that exploded in a nearby galaxy known as the Small Magellanic Cloud, or, E0102-72! okay so, this galaxy is approximately 190'000 light years from the earth. so we are seeing it as it was, 190'000 years ago because thats how long the light takes to get to us right. so it doesnt look like that right now, oh no, we are seeing back in time effectively. its madness! THIS is the full article here.

what else...... been listenin to lots of good tunes via we7. is good, listen to full albums with a few short adverts-ACE!! we love THE CURE ;)
i read the forever war by joe haldeman, leant to me by my wonderfull mrs

was cool and groovy, proper gettin back into the science fiction! though this novel is mostly about the warside of things and the whole futility, none sensical, brutal, pointlesslness of it all. sorta like catch 22 but based on the cold war and yaknow-sci fi! very well written and great charectorisation, plus a brilliant ending. very good. now reading 'the lovely bones' very different. then 'the historian' by elizabeth costova.

that was fun.

brought to you by the limitlessness of the cosmos,
sci fi goodness,
we7 musical goodness,
finely finding out how to do enclosure links-didja notice?

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

whiny moany bitchy shiz. or. are you winding me up you bastard fri.

first off i'll start by saying that this is one of at least two blogs i'm gonna wright 'right now'! so if you don't wanto hear someone bang on about crap that will in all likely hood not affect you....i'd wait till the next entry!

banks! robbing shitty arsed bastards!!! they change the rules half way through so now i'm being charged more than ever! i've not gone over my overdraft (until last satdi which wasnt my fault and is the source of a completely differnt bitch!) but i'm paying even more!! its fucking outragous, i do nothing wrong but they's always always something i get shafted for, i play by the rules-they change them. what the fuck!

the job centre are massive bastards too, they dick me about all the time and give me false information!! its bad enough being an unemployed bum and all that dole shiz. they tell me to do this and then this will happen, but turns out to be bullshit. i'm trying like buggery to get a job-believe me!! i fucking hate being on the dole.

also had an epic ebay fail. thats no ones fault though, its a massive sellers market and no one wanted my stuff or bought it elsewhere for 10p. its frustrating is all.

i'm done. it can go an whistle in the dark!!

brought to you by being a moaning michael,


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

seventy, big time! or. a word from our sponsors

i think we can all relate to this!!

brought to you by romanian adventures,
valentines adventures,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x

Friday, 5 February 2010

for my girlfriend 'tsunamon'. or. friday night is cure night, 69

the other week i made some. . . . . weird request to my girlfriend, about blogging. she is 'tsunamon' and has a blog 'i hate to blog' by the way.! the request was that if she commented on my posts not to be, i don't know 'too over familiar' or to mention or make apparent that we are partners. i don't know what the hell i was thinking, like i was worried that people would be put off reading my blog because of it or something!!

point one-who reads this exactly (if anyone reads this post please comment ha ha)
point two-would anyone give a shit and how exactly would it affect me if they did??
point three-most importantlyy so fucking what if it did put anyone off! do i care?? no! if thats who you are why would i want you reading this. its a bit of fun and stress release and little more. its for my own sake and i enjoy it. lets not get overly serious for gods sake!

and whats more important exactly, 'possibly' discuraging some none existant web peoples or upsetting and confusing the love of my life!

okay, anyway. tsunamon, i'm really truly sorry for being stupid, inconsiderate and thoughtless! i really don't know what i was thinking and sincerely hope not to do anything like it ever again!

i'm sorry and i love you so much that it upsets me to have been anything but your loving boyfriend. and i know i've been a bit introvert with all this various stress stuff and i'm trying not ot let it affect me too much.
we'll be out for this mad thing on valentines soon and we'll have a blinder of a night and all will be fantasticzny!! so for you instead of the our usual 'friday i'm in love' heres something else-

you truly are the only one for me.

brought to you by knowing whats important,
romanian skiing which i will be doing from sunday,
robert smith

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 4 February 2010

68 two things are massively pissing me off!!! or. today must be thurs routine

first thing-banks. bunch of fucking robbing bastard deceiving gets!! i'm so pissed off!!! they can sdo what they want, change the rules half way through and charge you for something you werent originally getting charged for! and they fuck things up and get things wrong all the time! useless twats who rip you off legimately and 'by the book'!!

second thing. i'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay. largely problem free except that i'm not sellign as much as i'd like. apart from one kwont who bought something from me using 'by it now' who won't cough up the moolah! and he's ignoring my messages after first having claimed to have paid, twat!

so i'm pissed off with those.

apart from that i'm goin skiing to romania on satdi and mi dads paying for it all as part of xmas/birthday present then i get to go to this mad thing with my mrs for valentines. i'm wearing a top hat and tails and she has a mini top hat. so thats awesome and exciting stuff!!!

brought to you by being robbed left, right and centre by bastards and twats!
rolling stones,
the incredible mrs

elrossiter x x x

Saturday, 30 January 2010

human league 3PO satdi. or. are things being shit?? blog about it.

so i go out this mornin (2ish) my mission is to go to the local library at darnall to print some job applications then whack em in envolopes which are addressed and ready to go. then i'm off up handsworth to the post office to send off this velvet jacket which i've sold on ebay and packed this mornin (actual mornin) and to get stamps and post the letters! i'm conscious that its satdi so i go the post office website to check openin times, put in post code, theres my post office-open till 5. so i do the library bit then catch the bus to post office, its open so i go in (natyrally) and i'm sayin 'i need to post this' to the bloke and he's noddin his head. he says its closed, the post office bit is closed, its only open for 'lottry' so i'm like 'what, really? i've been on the post office website and it says 'OPEN'. 'well shows you how much use that is' he helpfully replies! so i make one of those exhaling of breath noises that signifies your annoyance and dissapointment. 'o'right well can i bye some stamps' i say, reaching for my wallet. he's nodding his head again. 'post office is closed, all that (indicates with arm movements) is closed. its just lottry.'
i've had enough now, 'bloody ell i can't even buy stamps?!'. so i go down to asda for stamps. what a bag of shite!! the post office is open but you can't actually post anything or do anything even mildly post officey! moan over!!

to get over this massive ordeal (sarcasm yes) i've been listening to sheffields finest 'HUMAN LEAGUE' and i discoved this-

check out 3PO throwing down some shapes!

and the human league as they naturally are-

Mr oakey in the open topped car is genius ha ha. by the way he only looked like that later on there career, for classic oakey-do some investafagating!! dunno what the film is, concentrate on the tune!!

i need another cup o'tea now.

brought to you by things annoying me by being shit,
black books,
tea, human league

elrossiter x x x x x x x

Friday, 29 January 2010

i cn see's mars i can's friday. or. is it the best selling show??

being able to see mars with the naked eye is absolutely fantastic!! i loves it!!

i would have taken better photographs but it was fricken cold and i was turning the house into greenland! so i decided i was happy with these!!! its MARS baby!!

brought to you by the lovely red planet itself,
Mr Bowie offcourse,
and i think-jon simm and philip glenister

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 28 January 2010

just gone midnight sixty five (i think) or. ouija booooard ouija boooooard, what have you done to me?

Rest in Peace J. D. Salinger. You don't need me to tell you about his incredible and prolific work so i'll leave it at that.

That can of Lilt sure cheered me up, could be 6 months since i've had one! the only time i'm ever gonna enjoy grapefruit is when i'm drinkin that stuff (wether theres actual grapefruit in there or not......) i heartily look forward to my next can in 6 months time!!

why the HELL!!!! has this ''in the world of viagra'' popped up in my blogs i'm following feed??? SERIOUSLY!!?? i've never seen this blog, i've never used viagra nor ever needed to thankyou very much and why would i follow it on blogger even if i thought i might need it?? AND! there are no actual blogs there nor any information whatever! just the picture of some dousche called andrew in a suit! his profile doesnt have any blogs in it either, it says 4 profile views and i think 3 of them were from me tryin to figure this shit out!! its beyond me.....

thats it, except that morrissey is hillarious and i love him for it!

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Sunday, 24 January 2010

i want you all to know i'm feeling depressed. or. unpresidented levels of uncertainty

scientists have decided today 'sundi the 24th of january' is the most depressing day of the year. and have dubbed it 'blue monday' for fuck knows what reason frankly. what with the come down after christmas and the climate and unpresidented levels of uncertainty etc..... don't talk to me about uncertainty. prehaps ''the scientists'' should have been inventing something uselfull, like a form of self distributing grit or a cure for my bloody asthma ay!!! did they get paid for this for..... and anyway does anyone really need another reason to be told that they are depressed, i know i fucking don't!!! its sundi and i'm on my own as it is!! so thankyou very fucking much for that scientists!

(insert picture of marvin below)

i'm gonna av another cup of tea to solve this equation + a buiscuit even though its nearly tea time. this's what scientists have driven me to!

brought to you by jarvis on 6 music on sundi,
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life, the universe and everything radio play

elrossiter x x x x

its the end of the world sundi, oh shit. or. sixty summat, who knows.

had me a post-appocalyptic type dream last night. s'true alright! i was with my dad and it was mid-way through the end of the world disaster. there was rumbling of the earth and darkening of the sky and poluting of the air and everythin really! we were trying to get some sort of survival pack/kit together so we could get the hell out. i'm not sure where we were gonna go but there was deffinately some sort of a plan. the thing was i taking like forever to get my shit together and really dithering, and boy was this really the worst time to be dithering!!
thats all i've got really i'm afraid....sorry! it was no 2012 i know, no arks or anything ha ha. no mel gibson or bruce willis. oh well. lifes like that i'm sorry to have to tell you!

i've just re'watched this-


its studio ghibli so already your pretty confident you will avoid dissapointment! and its all the way from 1984. and it is stunning yes, visually alone, the world it creates and the creatures within. it has all the messages about treating the world with some respepct and gratitude. you know, be a part of everything and work with nature because for god's sakes it knows what its doing!!! if theres a poisonous forest, don't burn it down, its there for a reason! and ofcourse don't be twats towards your fellow man even if they are from a foreign land and a bit different.
all that sort of stuff. nature and everything, brilliant.

anyway trust me its a beautiful, wonderfull film. and patrick stewarts in it!

brought to you by nausicaa,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

62-no significance thursdi. or. strange blogger in a strange land.

do you ever get that 'feeling come sensation' where you see a shape, or shadow or movement out of the corner of your eye which dissapears when you turn to look directly at it?? i do.....all the bloody time! sometimes more oft than others. what do you reckon it is though, now thats the question i had in mind while conceiving this blog of which you are reading. is there some simple boring explanation (probably) like light reflection which dissapears when you turn your head because your perspective has shifted. or do we want to talk about somethin more interestin....well now that you mention it elrossiter mi owd mucker!

okay so is there some form of undiscovered exotic life that moves at unheard of speeds and is uber paranoid and wishes to remain out of the papers? perhaps. i mean 'we' discover new and crazier forms of life all the time don't we?? and besides in an infinite universe........ so these creatures watch and observe people (maybe other forms of life too) but when we notice them they shoot off. maybe

or maybe its the dead, ghosts or souls or somethin. that we can't perceive truly but only as a vague awareness which goes when we try to focus on it. because surely to observe these things truly would turn our minds inside out!

the most likely explanation is that its god fucking with us because he's nothing better to do with himself!! ha ha what do i know.....

this blog is being blogged to you from a theatre in that london town. i am not here to take in any wonderful dramatic dancing or interprative crazyness, but because the mrs works here and i am accompanying her while 'jobhunting etc' nothing else obviously. apart from some groovy sounds courtesy of think we might grab a pint afterwards-which'll suit me just spiffingly sir!!

brought to you by my need for this writing words stuff,
the gormenghast trilogy,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 14 January 2010

after all these months, its mental dream time folks! or. today must be a thursday. . . .

yes its true! after all these months of normal(ish) and boring dreams, a mental has been dreampt. and a dark and horrible one at that, not at all fun at the time i have to say.

so. it was all about me, my mrs and 'avatar' the location wasn't anywhere inparticular and i'm upset to say that much of the dream has slipped from my mindbox! so yeah it was me and the mrs, but i was calling her 'avatar' its not like she was blue and 15 feet tall or anything but i think she may have looked a bit different. the dream was focused around what i'm going to call an object. it was sort of a frame basically and big enough to comfortably stand under. it didnt have any sides so you could see the person within, though the mrs was the only person i saw go into the thing! and go into it she did several times. now what happened inside it was this-there were some wire, tubuell, organic tendril like thingamabobs hanging down, much like some of the 'tendril' thingamabobs from avatar, the bits that are tucked into the beings tails that emerge and are used to connect with the various beasties that they use for transport. the connecting of these tendrils creates a bond which is basically a link between the two 'beings'.
so there are these tendrils in this object and they connect (link) with the person that enters, they attach to the head area, it was kinda hazey and i think maybe they actually connect straight into the persons mind or soul! so the mrs did this several times, it had an ennormous effect on her and physically appeared to be giving her some sort of high, it was like it took her to another place entirely, i mean like it was enlightening her or raising her soul to another level or plane or some such! and its effects increased the more she used it.

the last time she used it killed her, sort of. well her body remained but like there was nothing in it. i think she achieved some sort of ascension or her soul went off some where, that kind of thing ya know. so ofcourse i was pretty devastated and spent the rest of the dream simply being devastated and distraught in varying locations.
cheery or what?? but don't you go worrying folks, for i have spoken with and indeed physically seen (via that skype) the mrs this very day and she is well and experienced no such ascension shennanigans whatsoever!

so that was that.

i'm excited about iron man 2 and the next 'dresden files' book-'changes'. both out in april!! anyone else excited??

brought to you by all sorts of things really,
the amount of tea i drink when i don't leave the house all day,
just stuff really

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

double whammy anniversary festo tuesday! or 60 and 365

hello there!

i'm kinda rusty at this as its been thirteen weeks and a day since my last blog and i'm sincerely sorry guys and girls!! but i'll just ramble a bit and then post, typical elrossiter style yo.

ITS NOT A WIND-UP LOVE, I REALLY THINK LIKE THIS IS A YEAR OLD TODAY!!! cue fanfare, screaming women and victoria sponge. and its my sixtieth post, cue mild whoops and maybe a single high five then getting on with our lives. hence double whammy anniversary festo-though to be honest i'm sure there has to be some sort of 'happening' or 'event spectacularrrr' or shennanigan tomfoolery of some sort so this is probably false advertising but hey-SHIT happens!
so how'm i celebrating this momentous occasion i hear you holler. well now just calm yourselves down an i shall kindly tell you. to celebrate i am drinking a cammomile tea and listening to echo and the bunnymen....but before you despair and jump to the conclusion that ole elrossiter has gone soft on you just hold your horses yeah!! for i have been coach travelling from that london and been (a bit) ill so there you go. i have been having many a late night in that london though and having good times so don't write me off!

god i'm so easily distracted at the moment and i don't even know who i'm talking to hear really. an actual real person may read it at some point but i don't know what i'm expecting. i suppose i'm just writing to myself really, i don't fuckin know, i just enjoy throwing down random thoughts and clearing my mind a bit. if you don't like it you won't read it will you?? so nought ventured, nought gained!

some contemporary entertainment for you-

saw this last night, it was actually really really good and i recommend it! like many people i was of the oppinion that sherlock holmes and doctor watson runnin around, swearing and being a bit uncouth was not what it should be about! but having seen it i have to say it that it pretty much works. it makes sense for them to have such skills and would seem to be a nessesity given the time period. though i think the whole 'cage fight' type thing with holmes 'was' too much and quite unnessasary really.
but anyway the writing was great, the story great, sets great, cast was brilliant, relationships between characters entirely believable and realistic and the set-up for more films was done nicely too!
GREAT FILM-go see!!

just finished reading this.
very briefly-it was alright.

things i didnt like-a few of the things he did with the characters, the sections without anyone of the existing HH characters-what was the point, didnt really conclude the series or bring any particular closure or 'oh, thats alright then' sort of feelings which i'd thought was kindof the point-that he was finishing it off.

things i did like-he pretty much got the characters right and i believed his writing of them, his style was 'though obviously not exact' close enough to douglas' that it worked and it was easily accepted, some good moments that made me laugh, that he didnt do anything 'too' horrific or unaceptable with any of the characters and didnt bring marvin back, a couple of nice douglas adams ref's that you would have missed if you didnt no much about the great man.

my main problem was that eoin didnt make that much use of this incredible opportunity, douglas was always commenting on society's nonsensical ways, on technology, religion, politics, and so many things-now mostly harmless was released in 1992, thats nearly 18 years ago, how was has happened since then that doulglas would have been picking up on??? lots basically and eoin didnt really seem to give it much thought. so in that respect 'and another thing' was fairly dissapointing, like i finished it and i was just like 'oh. right. okay then'.
well i dunno, i'm sure there are many other people who havent been nearly as kind or fair when reviewing this book and i have tried to be at least objective. it didnt grocely offend me so i'm thankfull for that!! any oppions??

well now i'm listening to billy bragg ha ha ha so heres to another year of I,N,A,W,U,L,I,R,T,L,T, thanking you muchly if you've ever glanced at this blog, obviously mistaking it for something else them hastilly scrambling elsewhere.

well two out of three were contemporary so i'll count that as a win!

look after yourselves

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covered in bee's,
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