Tuesday, 22 October 2013

103 Soy Bomb!! Or. Punctured bicycle, on a hill side, desolaaate.

Hello big empty blogoverse!

It is still about this guy for me. And his book 'What the grandchildren should know' which is an incredible, very honest read.

So there is Morrisseys new book to read. This has to be the opposite to E's book, gonna have to  work up the will to start it I think. Quite an undertaking that I know it will be.

So Oblivion with Tom 'the cruise meister' Cruisey was fairly rubbish. Dull high but not very intelligent concepts. I wanted to know more about the ship and intelligence that we see at the end. Which was surely defeated in a not too different Independence day style??

After Earth was better. Should have been titled 'Will Smith is a dousche to his son who runs around and panics'. Wanted to know more about this race of aliens they briefly tell us about in passing.

Haven't seen 'Elysium' yet but god I hope its way better than those last two!! District 9 is one of my favourite films so fingers crossed.

Gonna get the orange shirt out for Halloween, oh yes!!

And then some movember based action.

Yessiree doodle!!

In a bit Soy bombs,
elrpossiter x