Monday, 23 August 2010

you have the face of a duck. or. its an 83 it is.

very melancholic today. melancholic mondi. had a decent enough weekend, yesterday was a lush chill fest. just apprehensive about the upcoming weekend i spose, hey-ho, worrying about ut obv doesnt help but what can you do.

reading the star maker by olaf stapleton-look it up! best cover ever man.

good book too. think thats it fer now. guess i just wanted to say hello.

elrossiter x x x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

stuff has been a'foot baby. or. 82 it is, shall be and sooner or later, was.

where has elrossiter been then. exactly. then? well i'm afraid i have been without the internets for some time now. but i do intend to plan on seriously thinmking about getting myself hooked up shortly after the next payday.

i have found myself a nice flat. yeah baby, i have my own flat. good times. this is my fifth week now. my furnishing though, is not complete. though i have a chair and all my stuff (nearly) i need to aquire for myself a two seater sofa type arrangement, a toaster, more shelfy cupbordy type things, some little kitchen storage stuff and more utensil things. i have a nice bed but i wish to get a slightly smaller one that will slot into the alcove and thus give me more floor space. and other various odds and sods.
but the flat is very groovy and i'm nicely comfortable there. it is the top floor of an old victorian house and has two flats below me. it is fairly spaceous with nice carpets in the lounge which are good for sitting on and funky ceilings with mad panneling. birminghams groovy! will do some more exploring this weekend (as i'll actualy be here)

lots has occured. tramlines was fucking brilliant and involved focus, lemon teargas, the busker bus which was fucking hillarious! annie mac and some of the 'ask' crew (one of the lovely newbies inparticular-good times) the deutschmarks, running around with my photography pass, excellent trips to ecclesfield. and to top it off- ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN BABY!! HELL YEAH! they were absofuckinglutely incredible! i had an 'unbearable lightness of being' moment-pretty much all the way through. i had the best time, i really did. and Richard hawley coming out for the last tune off the encour was just almost more than i could handle! the sly mother fucker ha ha ha. one of the guys from the bunnymen had been on radio 6 earlier in the week and he mentioned the possibility of it in the future but i honestly wasnt expecting it. just......good times, they did 'waiting for my man' ha ha ha.

so er.. yeah. works alright, getting on fine. birminghams groovy. done this and that etc. read some good sci fi, rewatching series one of 'being human' which is my new favourite series. gonna see the divine comedy in a few weeks here in birmingham-can't wait, neal hannon is brilliant. lots of stuff.

thats it for now. don't know when 83 will occur, just don't know.

in a bit.

brought to you by another life,
da brilliant bunnymen,
the lovely people i've been getting to know,
star maker,
and the fantabulous laren laverne-we love ya baby.

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x x