Thursday, 30 September 2010

85 an is it possible i have an actual connection. or. #gasp# well fuck me!

oh aye the engineer actualy rocked up when ee was sposed to. so theres a genuine possibility i'll actually resume bein a blogger and will once again be-

with a shit ton of love from elrossiter x x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

its an 84 alan partridge time blog. or. we're all still here somewhere

had me an alan partridge dream type thing. it could have been a lost episode or something it was well good! he was sort of working in a pub but it was still in the style of the travelodge in which he lived, you do see him at the bar actualy in the program. yeah so he was working there and just being alan partridgy but a bit more depserate and stuff. swearing unexpectadly and doing his incredible cringe inducing flirting. funny stuff. properly like watching an episode though as i was not present at all and it wasn't as if i was living the role of alan.

funny shit. went camping to wales during the banh holliday just gone, barmouth on the edge of snowdonia on the coast. fecking beautiful place, much good times were had. went in the sea and did some rock pooling which i always love, found lots of groovy little cretures incliding some little shrimpy guys which gave me a pedicure when i stood still in the water in a particularly populated community. was awesome, can't wait to get my pictures back!

thats all for now. life continues to have its amazing bits and not so amazing bits, the weekend just gone was one of the amazing bits baby.

brought to you by aaaaahhh hhaaaaaaaaaa,
groovy visitors,
shrimp dudes,
missing lauren,

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