Monday, 12 October 2009

blog number 59 is brought to you by the sirrius cybernetics corporation, share and enjoy! or. hitchhikers guide published 30 years ago, WHOOT!

thats right folks! 30 years since that most remarkable book was published. better selling than the cellestial homecare omnibus, more thrilling than 27 more things to do in zero gravity and more popular than the encyclopedia galactica in two respects. one, it is slightly cheaper, and two, it comes with the words 'DON'T PANIC' embroidered in larege friendly letters on the cover.

done from memory so forgive mistakes guys, gals and small furry creatures from alpha centuri.

bloody honestly, whats not to love about these books?? every time i read them they are just as thrilling, moving, ball acheingly funn, wise, clever, and above all-entertaining as hell!!

some favourite things off the top of my loaf

-the relationship between ford and arthur

-the beware of the leopard bit

-when arthur see's fenchurch again for the first time while driving (before the raffle bit) and is so excited he nearly runs her over then hits her with the car door which flings her umbrella into the road. arthur helfuly says SHIT!

-at milliways when ford is explaining to arthur about how the universe started 'for a kicker' ''you get this bath see, and its connical see....''


-didnt i tell you i have a brain the size of a planet

-and basically the rest of the books really...

one of my favourite moments from all five books is at the start of 'Life..
Arthur has been onj his own in his cave for i think 3 years while fords gone off to explore. Arthur gets up one morning after his usual scream of horror and calmly announces to the world that he will go mad. Ford is perched on a rock watching and says 'good idea, did me the world of good' Arthur is massively shocked and also greatly relieved to see a real person, on the other hand ford is an almost immediately annoying person. ford puts his hand out and Arthur eventually shakes, putting all his relief and joy into it-ford disengages. after some mad explaining a sofa appears and is bobbing away acrross a field.
for very clear and distinct reaons they have to catch it. and they rlease whoops of joy and delight. they let everything go, all there worries, frustration, everything. and laughing and calling to each other to head off this irrational piece of furniture eventually catch it.

its a wonderfull moment, full of joy.

thanks for reading!!!! what'r your favourite moments??

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some more sad deaths mondi. or. barry letss was aces, thankyou that man!

Barry Letts has died at the age of 84. how very sad, i can't stand all this death. Stephen Gately aswell at 33, sad sad sad.
Without Barry Letts doctor who would very probably not have seen the like of tom baker-the penultimate doctor for most-myself included. he wrote and created the character of sarah jane smith played by the wonderfull Elizabeth Sladen (my favourite 'never aging' companion). he originally worked on a William Hartnell episode but was most known for his stint during the Pertwee era. but forgive my ignorance and read about him from someone better clued in-

R.I.P. Barry Letts 1925-2009

R.I.P. Stephen Gateley 1976-2009

thats enough bad news.

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Friday, 9 October 2009

elrossiter is here to receive your calls and information. or. ten days and alls well, hello, is this 57?

so i wake up at some undisclosed time early this friday morning, its still dark so not that early. and i litterally hear a sort of sizzling, burning sound. then quickly realise its on my bed, on my duvet. so i push the covers and jump out of bed, like pretty damned sharpish!! i htink by the time i was out of bed and stood looking at it, the sound was gone and i was slightly beggining to realise that maybe. . . . . something was slightly. . . not quite right. so i go an flick the light on and shuffle back over to the bed, i'm yaknow 'out of it like' and i look at the duvet and lift it up and look under it and that and ascertain that everythings fine and it was just my mind going a bit mental - so business as usual. i switch off the light and go back to bed. offcourse when i get back in i'm bein cautious and tentative, you know. . . just incase. you can't be too carefull can you?

it was the fact that i heard this ssssss burning or hissing, and i'm sure i saw the crease of duvet as something more than it was. it looked brighter and maybe coiled together and as if it could have been meting down toward my, well, legs! i could have been imaging a scene from one of the alien films. maybe ressurection when one of the aliens is slashed open and you see intestines an stuff burning through the floor.
just another case of hallucinatory/dream doing stuff. s'all good.

stand by for a hitchikers at 30 blogtactulerrrrrrr! WHOOT!! maybe satdi when i'm ungover like

hallucionatory dream time folks!

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