Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sunday, 14 November 2010

hmm, good gravy 90. or. some people like to do special blog posts at certain chronological junctures

is it wrong to drink gravy out of a mug with a spoon?? this's the mug you used to pour the gravy onto your tea.

brought to you by pie mash broccoli and gravy baby,
souljacker by eels,
pulling mussels from the shell by squeeze,

elrossiter x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

theres always fucking something 89! ! ! or. new musics fantabulousness

oh fuckinell seriously!! (tune out if you aint interested in a yorkshiremen ranting)

first off orange fucked me off by being utterly useless incompetent dickead pricks. i still don't know if they've got it right after fucking up my extortianate bill. BT fucked me off days earlier with a bill that is both bullshit and surely fictional, i'm gonna haveto fone the dickeads to sort it out which means adding to said orange extortionateness. the bank havent fucked me over any more than usual recently-which means i'm probly due one.
bottom line as always is that there all MASSIVE KWONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caps lock abuse and smashing my keyboard keys as i type-YOUR DAMN STRAIGHT!!! why must they all fuck with my life??!!
and worst of all to top it off, my tea decided to chuck itself all over the floor :( sad emoticon. i had the washing machine on, which is next to the oven, the washing machine for part of the cycle vibrates quite intensly and melodramaticaly. so the pan of sausages red onion and lots of lovely potatoes was edging towards cliff edge of the oven. i don't know what was going through its commulative mind, 'making a bid for freedom'? or simply part of a 'lets screw the bearded tennat over bwahahaha' plan. i heard it clatter while i was away in front of the fire (cos its bloody freezing) but managed to salvage some of it. bastards!! anyway.......

new musics baby!! during my satdi explorations to kings heath in birmingham i got me some new music. one of the boozers was having this bar top sale 'thingymabobbby' which was car boot type thing in the back rooms of a boozer. so for the fucking fantabulous price of five squid i got the following-
new boots and panties by Ian dury and the blockheads,
aouljacker by Eels,
the greatest hits by Squeeze (god i love cool for cats)
and the first self titled album by the Coral.

all of em for £5-stunning, at another time i would have paid 5 squid for new boots and panties, i've listened to most of em and there brilliant, i'll well happpy. the blockheads are playing as we're speaking. on my explorations i also visited some charity shops which is one of my favourite ways to chill out, unwind and purchase some great finds. todays find was the book 'Rama 2' by arthur c clark. i read 'Rendevous with rama' a few months ago and thought it was a cool book and very well written, there wasn't much revelation at the end though, no 'holy shit', 'thats fuckin brilliant' moments. but now we have a second book which i didnt know existed so hopefully-cue revelations and momentous shocking announcements ha ha. i know he's capable of them-see 'childhoods end'.

and just so we don't forget

brought to you ian dury and the blockheads
rant baby rant
arthur c

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

88 ti eighty teight ti. or. simple things

thats all i wanted to say.


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