Wednesday, 11 May 2011

its a 98. or. is it in fact a very obvious 42

well its 10 years to the day that douglas adams died. He is one of my hero's and the hitch hiker books remain my favourite books. i've read them close to ten times and know them pretty much back to front. i've read everything he ever published and the 3 biographies of him and his works. i could talk for pages and pages about how important his work has been, personaly and on a somewhat larger scale. his life is absolutely fascinating and speaks to myself and countless others i'm sure. for one reason which is that he never wanted to be a writer, and infact didn't enjoy the process much of the time. he wanted to perform to begin with and to make films, he kindof...just ended up as a writer. like he was cornered and coudnt go anywhere else. that certainly isn't to detract from his achievments which were considerable and i don't mean to say that he failed himself. that isn't how he felt about it, he was extremely happy about many of his creations.

anyway, to celebrate his memory and life i read a the first few chapters from life, the univers, and everything. these are some of my absolute favourite hitch hikers moments. simply because of the way arthur and fords relationship is portrayed, i think it is a very good definition for how there relationship works all through the books, here it is fully typed by hand-

‘I may,’ he added with a grin which would have sent sane men scampering into trees, ‘have been imagining it.’ He waited for a reaction from Arthur, but Arthur knew better than that.
‘Carry on,’ he said evenly.
‘The point is, you see,’ said Ford,’ that there is no point driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You might just as well give in and save your sanity for later.’
‘And this is you sane again, is it?’ said Arthur. ‘I ask merely for information.’
‘I went to Africa,’ said Ford.
‘What was that like?’
‘And this is your cave is it?’ said Ford.
‘Er, yes,’ said Arthur. He felf very strange. After nearly four years of isolation he was so relieved to see Ford that he could almost cry. Ford was, on the other hand, an almost immediately annoying person.
‘Very nice,’ said Ford, in reference to Arthur’s cave. ‘You must hate it.’

as much as arthur is relieved to see foord, he is an almost immediatley annoying person ha ha ha. the next bit where they shake hands is just really really touching and sweet and then they chase a chesterfield sofa across the field. arthur giving a whoop of joy. the way douglas describes this scene is excellent as in 'don't panic' by neil gaiman. douglas talks about the process of getting them from prehistoric england to modern day earth (which was obviously destroyed very early on) in such a way that you sort of don't question it. it happens gradualy, and gets weirder as igoes along so that it seems perfectly reasonable and satisfactory.
he was such a fucking awesome and fantasticaly clever man, i feel privaleged to have books like his that i can read and re-read at my leisure.

towel day is on the 25th of may, so you strags best all know where they are.

blogs, don't to me about blogs, i hate them.

many thanks douglas,

love elrossiter x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

shut that door ya lettin 'draft in, ya daft 97. or. i never could get the hang of thursdays

just so you aaaaaall know, it was a truly amazing weekend indeedio!! good times were had by all and all had a good time. apart from a slight tree incident...but that wasn't a major issue. sheffield is as groovy as ever and so are the peoples therein. i massively overslept this mornin, no time for coffee or shower or owt, there could be only one possible reason-today must be a thursday, i never could get the hang of thursdays.

i'm currently re-reading dracula, i dont' know if i've already mentioned this. it came from re'reading frankenstein in preperation to seeing danny boyls new play. in reading both of them it is apparent how much of the books i had forgotten, though it had been many years since the first readings. i remebered enjoying frankenstein a good deal more, and certanily i very much enjoyed it the second time around-maybe i'll go into it more another time. dracula seems to be a little thicker if that makes sense, it takes longer for the story to progress and for them to bluntly, get on with it. but i have found that i am enjoying it while i was expecting to get bogged down with it. i think because i am quite a bit older and better read now that i am enjoying the language and wordplay whereas before i just found it tedious. its interesting what the passage of time does to us. i've got about a third of the book left and am looking forward to the unfolding of the final acts. although,
**SPOILER CITY** i've just read the bit where miss mina has obviously been bitten by the count for the first time, yet after everything thats happened, she hasn't twigged!! alright so i know that he has many devious and cunning abilitys, mind control and stuff but still, its just a bit annoying ya know?

consequently perhaps, i've also been watching some supernatural films and blog perhaps.

bangers and mash for me and the mrs tonight, get in!

brought to you by vampires,
and mind mangling thursdays

elrossiter x

Thursday, 7 April 2011

its a 96'er of a blog. or. or jus a couple o'rambles really.

i'm trying to find a 'what i'm reading' type tool to add to the ole page-soon hopefully. so for the moment i'll do it in the basic form of telling you here. i'm re-reading dracula and a third of the way through its largely evident i've forgtten a fair bit of it. i'm really enjoying it actualy, though i seem to think it may get slightly tiresome a bit later. i'm at the stage where mister van helsing has arrived on the seen and has seen how queer the puncture marks are on miss mina's neck, oooo.

i also wanted to put something straight for anyone who has read this blog for a while (do you exist...really? i'm sure you do ha ha ha) or who has gone back to post 69 where i state my personal involvement with another blogger. the personal involvement which i just mentioned has come to a deffinitive end!! no rebirths or coming back from the dead or sequels-KAPUTT!! many many many many months ago actualy but i've only just thought to address is so there you go gentle ppeopls. lets put it away forever and ever **rubs hands together in a cleansing moving on manner**

i also re-read frankenstein recently which is just one hell of a book. i'm not sure its something i can go into great depth at the moment but i'm sure i will at some point as me and the mrs recently saw a screening of danny boyles recent play....and it was just stunning, completely blew us away. just stunning.

massively looking forward to an awesome weeken with some of the best people in my life. thats it for the moment.

brought to you some things.
and other things
and frankenstein.

elrossiter x x x x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

happy new april. or. about bleedin time

i think the only real reason i stearted this blog was becasuse i havent done one for mooooooonths..

works gettin me down a bit, i need to break free and go somewhere amazing if only i could figure out where that was. i'm home alone on satdi night havin a drinky and creating a playlist on we7 entitled 'p beat times', i'm up to 'eels', goddamn right its a beautiful day and all that. i'm not being at all methodiical, just randomly goin through bands and artists picking tracks that are-would you fuckin believe it, upbeat... and you know, make me wanna move about and sing and all that. havent done the smiths yet, best get on it.....alrighty so i just added the smiths though i think i forgot the queen is deed (i'll get to it).
onto the undertones, musn't forget my perfect cousin, already got 'you've got my number (why don't you use it)' love that tune.
anyway thats all a smoke screen for my real life. as i think i vaguely mentioned, i'm gettin massively restless, bein stuck in the studio all week is gettin to me a bit. don't get me wrong, its far from a hellish life, working life i mean. outside of work being with my girlfriend isthe happiest i could want to be, i'm lookin at these pictures that we got from bristol zoo-tourist jobbies but still brilliant, i love them. all iwant to do is be with her, i feel we could be unstoppable together, catastrophic disasters aside-we will be if i have anything to do with it!

enough of my reqal life. gone back to listen to the bunnymen. its been hours since i started this bloody blog...other stuff-
saw the new trailer for green lantern, it looks absolutely brilliant. look forward to seein it. i'm also very much interested in seeing thor, captain america and subsequently the avengers. so far i thin the newest marvel films have been ace. iron mans and incredible hulk i thought were really well done comic book films and i hope to buggery that the trend will continue. particularly i hope they don't fuck up the hulk in the avengers. i thought that edward norton did a top job acting wise-shame he was such a massive dousche fest off screen! i thought i would be pretty drunk as this stage, what with haigving drunk this much spirit **note from elrossiter (this is far from a regular occurence for elrossiter) but i seem to be oreight-though i might discover this in a few days and it'll turn out i've written 15 thousand words about merlin the happy pig ha ha ha ha.

me and the mrs went to see a screening of danny boyles frankenstein the other monday in the lovely place of hereford. needless to say it was incredible. he completletely captured the essence of the book, the morality, the emotion, the feel that mary shelley portraid. he changed some details and some of the relationships but hey, when something is adapted from one media to another it is surely nessesary. i had no crittisims whatsoever, mr boyle has achieved something truly brilliant and as far as i am aware-no one else has done anything half as as good with the original book, loved it! i re-read the book just before seeing the screening and really is just so wonderful and clever. the way victor frankenstein creates the creature into a massive form, and so, it/he has massive emotions to reflect his huge stature/being. he is first of all full of love and hope and wonder at life and the world around him. the first summer breeze and heat makes him gush with happiness, he truly exults in natures beauty and her ways. but ofcourse mankind despises and abbhors him, even when he does does good and saves a childs life, they/we, see only a wretched monster. hey ho and so he turns to evil and all that. er... danny boyle did an awesome job is all i'm tryin to say. i need to finish this blog, it should have some pictures really. i nearly forget the queen is deeeeed, doin it know.

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

yes hello again, hello. or happy new 84

yes i'm fully aware of rubbish none blogging and yes i'm fully aware of the bunnymen promices i have made. the bunnymen blog will come...just not today....but hang tight people. oh i dunno, i had so much to say but now i'm struggling to put it into some vaguely comprehensible format.

crazy things are as usual a-foot, not least of all the follow up to crazy office shenanigans, which put simply involved about a month of not very much followed abruptly by MUCH SIR!! yes indeedy things have turned most very interesting and will 'touch wood' work out very nicely ;)

good times are being had via my bass guitar, for she is getting a lot of use and i seem to be getting through strings at an alarming rate! bass strings are practicaly indestructable....i must just be hammering them still and not realise it, though i'm now using a softer plectrum. they must just be shite strings, its the only plausible explanation really.
songs i am currently playing are-

the bunnymen: do it clean, show of strength and the killing moon.
arctic monkeys: fake tales of san fran

i'm reading pillars of the earth by ken follett which was gifted to me from my brother.
watching supernatural and doctor who, the matt smith years
and listening to the cure

brought to you by zi bass,
exciting things,
and other things

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x