Saturday, 22 August 2009

hello's, unusal start to the day saturday. or. as long as you have a good time, thats all that matters.

well this morning i got out of bed at about 8.30 (on a saturday, what the duck) and went to the bathroom, all normal proceedings, and looked into the mirror to see a dead moth squished to my forehead..... which i wasn't expecting. i didn't wig or anything, i just plucked the poor little bugger off my loaf. he had staring beady little eyes-wish he'd obviously not been using. on his squashed body the eyes are almost obscenely large, as if he'd realised what was happening at the last second and they had ballooned in surprise daffy duck style.

tonight after i finish work and gonna mi mates for a birthday barby! and the blokes are all doing an 'Arthur Seaton' tribute from the brilliant film 'saturday night and sunday morning' (more to follow on this)

i'm out to have a good time, all the rest is propaganda.

brought to you by the fantastic Albert Finney as Arthur Seaton,

elrossiter x x x x x x xx


  1. the biggest moths and the bigest numbers of them I've encountered at the seaside in Miedzyzdroje. it was 1995. wasn't sure it was night or just the moths covered the sky...anywayz in antient Mexico the old Magicians belived the dust from the moth's wings is the wisdom rain(Carlos Castaneda explored that knowledge through Peyotl with his great Don Juan teacher-fantastyczna serie of 15 books)

  2. woooo. lookit all the lovely comments ;)

    the wisdom rain wow. love those giant moths, with the big furry bodies and eyes. there like animals rather than insects.

    elrossiter x x xx x x x x x x