Monday, 28 September 2009

what a waste of post 55. or. its not a waste, i enjoy bloggin

(in his head)
hey there i'm jez, hows it hangin?

(a little deeper)
hey there, i'm jez, hows it hangin?

(deeper still)
hey there i'm jez. hows it hangin?

the door opens to reveal addel i think her name was.
hey there i'm jez, hows it hanglin? (grimace)

PEEP SHOWS BACK!!!!!! whoot. and its still bloody brilliant! some people may well say 'uhh its not as good as it used to be, moan munch moan' but i think this series deffinatelly has it back, if maybe it wavered a bit durin series 4 an 5. in the last one, all the conversations about the boiler were brilliantly written, specially when mark goes mental at it towards the end. nice one david mitchell and robert webb!
awesome sauce!

brought to you by mark and jezs craaaaazy adventures,
chuck palahnuick,
all those wonderfull people in my life,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x

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