Thursday, 15 March 2012

its a late night early mornin 101. or. there won't be any proper tuition you understand

i'm listening to Slade 'begginings/play it loud' there first 2 albums on one disc! whilst wearing my new (and second) slade t'shirt-which i probably coudnt afford, but do i give a fuck?! i'm mostly just winding down after a long and slightly bizzare night at work. people are obnoxious when there utterly trouserd (hammered, typsy, pissed up) and you are sober. not all of them, don't get me wrong-but some people can be quite repulsive, and others just creepy and mental.

woudnt be surprised if i get a call in the morning asking me to come in as someone was ''ill'' today-bloody buggered if i am though. planning on having an epic lye-in baby!

anyway forget all that bollocks and listen to some noddy wisdom-
the pleasures of the journey to the centre of your mind!!

that is all.

elrossiter x

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