Monday, 6 December 2010

and now radio 6 is playin the buzzcocks 93. or. one guess which track it is. . .

this is all incredibly strange ocourse and i'm not convinced i know what to do with it. i suppose thats what happens when your part of these crazy office shenanigans/scandals/impulvise things with colleagues your very close with. oh i'm really not sure whats goin on or what she's thinking....i mean i think we're basicaly gonna be alright but it seems like it may be a bit of a strangled path towards that point. or it might not, its complicated by the fact that i'm still pretty friggin knackerd from the weekend and got minimal sleep last night-sleep just wasnt happnin. i don't think she wants to go to that place but then again does she-I DONT KNOW i dont know i dont know i dont knoooow....i think we're gonna go for a drink and a lovely none awkward none complicated none difficult chat one evenin. hopefully to buggery i'll have been able to sleep before then. oh i dunno man, just part of life i spose.

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elrossiter x

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