Wednesday, 19 January 2011

yes hello again, hello. or happy new 84

yes i'm fully aware of rubbish none blogging and yes i'm fully aware of the bunnymen promices i have made. the bunnymen blog will come...just not today....but hang tight people. oh i dunno, i had so much to say but now i'm struggling to put it into some vaguely comprehensible format.

crazy things are as usual a-foot, not least of all the follow up to crazy office shenanigans, which put simply involved about a month of not very much followed abruptly by MUCH SIR!! yes indeedy things have turned most very interesting and will 'touch wood' work out very nicely ;)

good times are being had via my bass guitar, for she is getting a lot of use and i seem to be getting through strings at an alarming rate! bass strings are practicaly indestructable....i must just be hammering them still and not realise it, though i'm now using a softer plectrum. they must just be shite strings, its the only plausible explanation really.
songs i am currently playing are-

the bunnymen: do it clean, show of strength and the killing moon.
arctic monkeys: fake tales of san fran

i'm reading pillars of the earth by ken follett which was gifted to me from my brother.
watching supernatural and doctor who, the matt smith years
and listening to the cure

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exciting things,
and other things

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  1. I hear that the book "Pillars of the Earth" is much better than the miniseries.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review

  2. well hello lazarus lupin. yeah the book is a really incredible read, i'm about 650 pages in of 1100. i didnt see the series as i stubbornley prefer to read the book first so i can only comment on the book. but yeah his writing style is incredible, he inparts information and emotion with seemingly little effort which makes it a very smooth read.
    highly recommended!