Thursday, 7 April 2011

its a 96'er of a blog. or. or jus a couple o'rambles really.

i'm trying to find a 'what i'm reading' type tool to add to the ole page-soon hopefully. so for the moment i'll do it in the basic form of telling you here. i'm re-reading dracula and a third of the way through its largely evident i've forgtten a fair bit of it. i'm really enjoying it actualy, though i seem to think it may get slightly tiresome a bit later. i'm at the stage where mister van helsing has arrived on the seen and has seen how queer the puncture marks are on miss mina's neck, oooo.

i also wanted to put something straight for anyone who has read this blog for a while (do you exist...really? i'm sure you do ha ha ha) or who has gone back to post 69 where i state my personal involvement with another blogger. the personal involvement which i just mentioned has come to a deffinitive end!! no rebirths or coming back from the dead or sequels-KAPUTT!! many many many many months ago actualy but i've only just thought to address is so there you go gentle ppeopls. lets put it away forever and ever **rubs hands together in a cleansing moving on manner**

i also re-read frankenstein recently which is just one hell of a book. i'm not sure its something i can go into great depth at the moment but i'm sure i will at some point as me and the mrs recently saw a screening of danny boyles recent play....and it was just stunning, completely blew us away. just stunning.

massively looking forward to an awesome weeken with some of the best people in my life. thats it for the moment.

brought to you some things.
and other things
and frankenstein.

elrossiter x x x x

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