Thursday, 14 April 2011

shut that door ya lettin 'draft in, ya daft 97. or. i never could get the hang of thursdays

just so you aaaaaall know, it was a truly amazing weekend indeedio!! good times were had by all and all had a good time. apart from a slight tree incident...but that wasn't a major issue. sheffield is as groovy as ever and so are the peoples therein. i massively overslept this mornin, no time for coffee or shower or owt, there could be only one possible reason-today must be a thursday, i never could get the hang of thursdays.

i'm currently re-reading dracula, i dont' know if i've already mentioned this. it came from re'reading frankenstein in preperation to seeing danny boyls new play. in reading both of them it is apparent how much of the books i had forgotten, though it had been many years since the first readings. i remebered enjoying frankenstein a good deal more, and certanily i very much enjoyed it the second time around-maybe i'll go into it more another time. dracula seems to be a little thicker if that makes sense, it takes longer for the story to progress and for them to bluntly, get on with it. but i have found that i am enjoying it while i was expecting to get bogged down with it. i think because i am quite a bit older and better read now that i am enjoying the language and wordplay whereas before i just found it tedious. its interesting what the passage of time does to us. i've got about a third of the book left and am looking forward to the unfolding of the final acts. although,
**SPOILER CITY** i've just read the bit where miss mina has obviously been bitten by the count for the first time, yet after everything thats happened, she hasn't twigged!! alright so i know that he has many devious and cunning abilitys, mind control and stuff but still, its just a bit annoying ya know?

consequently perhaps, i've also been watching some supernatural films and blog perhaps.

bangers and mash for me and the mrs tonight, get in!

brought to you by vampires,
and mind mangling thursdays

elrossiter x

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