Wednesday, 10 March 2010

crazy wonderfull planets 76 baby! or. this time tomorra i'll be chillin in the big smoke

my new favourite website learned me this-

two white dwarf stars have been discovered that revolve around each other in a mere 5.4 minutes!! thats crazy man. the full scoop is over yonder.
cool and groovy i think.

and my favourite new cool and groovy site is io9 which is all about science fact and fiction, comics and literature, film and television, technology, jam, people and all sorts of fun stuff and geekery! have a butchers, you'll like it honestly.

off to the big smoke in the early mornings for good times BABY!!!

been having a big ole listen to 'soundgarden' and 'pearl jam' an i'm gettin into them like. embracing my grunge if you will, so thats good. okay then, think i'll leave you to munch on that nourishing goodness with a pearl jammin oral and visual spectacular-

i believe matey boy todd macfarlane was behind this unless i've lost my marbles completely.

brought to you by learning fun,
evolutuion baby

elrossiter from the future x x x x x x x x x

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