Monday, 22 March 2010

you know that feeling when.....or. 78 it is an'all

when you've put your bread into the toaster, set it to three (ha ha ha) and your waiting for it to pop up. your suddenly utterly lost in thoughts, stood right in front of your toaster, you fancy some jam, good ole toast and jam. its late and the house is silent, you've had a busy day, so much goin on and so much to think about and then you shit yourself as the toast pops up!! your entire upper body spasms at the sound of the mechanism rushing the toasted bread up towards you-ready to be buttered and jammed and eaten greedily.
then you calm yourself and get on with it ha ha-its not just me is it?! TELL ME SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS OF WHAT I SPEAK??!!?

brought to you by that quaint annalogy,
6th wife made out of jam,
possible fussball playing tomorra,
war of the worlds and phill lynot

elrossiter x x x x x x

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