Friday, 5 March 2010

the girl with the mousey hair friday. or. astronamy, sci fi an googlin 72.

i think this is cool, do you think this is cool??

seriously looks like a woman to me, aint idle fantasy great?? please ignore that this comes from the evil mail! also, i thought to myself-hmm post 72 is it-i do wonder what will happen if i google '72' and this is what i found in images on the first page-

this is a picture of the remnant of a star that exploded in a nearby galaxy known as the Small Magellanic Cloud, or, E0102-72! okay so, this galaxy is approximately 190'000 light years from the earth. so we are seeing it as it was, 190'000 years ago because thats how long the light takes to get to us right. so it doesnt look like that right now, oh no, we are seeing back in time effectively. its madness! THIS is the full article here.

what else...... been listenin to lots of good tunes via we7. is good, listen to full albums with a few short adverts-ACE!! we love THE CURE ;)
i read the forever war by joe haldeman, leant to me by my wonderfull mrs

was cool and groovy, proper gettin back into the science fiction! though this novel is mostly about the warside of things and the whole futility, none sensical, brutal, pointlesslness of it all. sorta like catch 22 but based on the cold war and yaknow-sci fi! very well written and great charectorisation, plus a brilliant ending. very good. now reading 'the lovely bones' very different. then 'the historian' by elizabeth costova.

that was fun.

brought to you by the limitlessness of the cosmos,
sci fi goodness,
we7 musical goodness,
finely finding out how to do enclosure links-didja notice?

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

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