Friday, 5 March 2010

whiny moany bitchy shiz. or. are you winding me up you bastard fri.

first off i'll start by saying that this is one of at least two blogs i'm gonna wright 'right now'! so if you don't wanto hear someone bang on about crap that will in all likely hood not affect you....i'd wait till the next entry!

banks! robbing shitty arsed bastards!!! they change the rules half way through so now i'm being charged more than ever! i've not gone over my overdraft (until last satdi which wasnt my fault and is the source of a completely differnt bitch!) but i'm paying even more!! its fucking outragous, i do nothing wrong but they's always always something i get shafted for, i play by the rules-they change them. what the fuck!

the job centre are massive bastards too, they dick me about all the time and give me false information!! its bad enough being an unemployed bum and all that dole shiz. they tell me to do this and then this will happen, but turns out to be bullshit. i'm trying like buggery to get a job-believe me!! i fucking hate being on the dole.

also had an epic ebay fail. thats no ones fault though, its a massive sellers market and no one wanted my stuff or bought it elsewhere for 10p. its frustrating is all.

i'm done. it can go an whistle in the dark!!

brought to you by being a moaning michael,


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