Monday, 12 January 2009

the mental dream i had last night.

Okay so i'm tryin to remember as much as possible here.

right so we were on some sort of vast never ending expanse of water but it just doesn't quite seem as if its a sea. there were a few of us but i can no longer distinguish indivual people. okay so where on this massive expanse of water that stretches from horizon to horizon and where holding onto these 'poles' that are almost perfectly vertical, i don't remember looking up or down and didn't see the tips of these poles so as far as i know they go on forever. now the poles themselves didn't seem to have any notches or footholds on them so i believe they were basically featurelles.

so i think what we were trying to do was work out what the hell was happening and were moving about through the water, exploring on our poles, we i think occasionally ran into someting sort of hanging and maybe coming out of the water-like seaweed but clear and more artificial. i have the impression that we werent just people, but were superheroes or others (like in the night watch trilogy i just read) with some funky abillities-although we werent using them. two of the clearest things i remeber-the first was coming across what i'm pretty sure was a large strip of cellotape reaching straight up from the water to an unseen point above us. it was as if it was from a comic or book holding two pages together but it wasnt flat like a wall because i litterally travelled into it and it was clearly solid and 3D. the other thing i remember is before i woke up, there were now only three of us, two of which were going forward but the other woudnt, she said something like she didnt have to risk herself for others-i remember this woman was/or someone very like faith from buffy the vampire slayer (geek sorry!). so the two caontinued to move forward and then stopped as we noticed a man coming towards us (possibly out of some mist and also travelling on a pole offcourse) he was slightly over weight and was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. i had the impression he was an ordinary human and had sinister intentions and wanted something from us so i asked him. then the bastard alarm tore into the real world and that was that.

WHAT DO YOU THINK TO THAT THEN?! i love these insane dreams.

x x x x x x xx

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  1. and last night (the night after the travelling about on poles through endless water) its serpenty dragon type creatures, tree of em and again in water. tonight i'm hoping for some regular woman based dreaming action ;)

    elrossiter x x x x x x x