Saturday, 31 January 2009

don't appologise!

''warning'', contains personal whinnying.

its an end of january saturday. i'm recovered from mumpage, still jobless, treacleless and farely directionless. tonight the yell play a factory in sheffield, untill then i plan on spending much of saturday drinking tea, wearing a jumper and reading ernesto che guevara's motocycle diaries. yesterday i actually went job hunting and theres a chance something may actually come of it-which means i have decisions to make. like if i'm gonna get me a motorbike or motorscooter. i also did some photography! much much needed photo therapy. playin around with the ole multi exposure technique, greatly fun-more to be done lucky for me. some of which i may just post when i get em delevoped.

lately i've found myself thinking about old times quite frequently, the old student gaff at 51 Barrs court road. gettin in from workin at the pub with some newclear browns an stayin up talkin bollocks till 4 int mornin. steve living on the settee all year, busting the bathroom door down to make sure he's not choking on his own chunder. hanging with leila-oh that fantastic leila! an then there was that mental halloween when i bought that bottle of tequila, ho ho yes that was nice an messy! an all the randoms coming an goin. most of all offcourse my brother joe. getting to know the dude, us being the first two in the house. getting boozed, chillin in the frontroom, hangovers, him helping me out with dissertation stuff (especially that 'fun' night before hand in) hallucinating mist through the house at 7.30 in the morning. ha an teaching me about cricket! he taught me much. a shout out to joe, steve, leila, sarah, sarah, granty, georgie, jon, laura anne, an ed. our mental landlords jean an jeff. caff day! roll on next weekend, when a load of us visit swindonia to see brother joe! good times expected!

spaced-best comedy, sitcom, drama type program of all time surely!

'i'm in sheffield tim'

'sheffield, what are doin in sheffield?'

'fell asleep on the tube'

'but the tube doesn't go to sheffield?'

'must've changed at kings cross'

brought to you by-

the motorcycle diaries of ernesto che guevara
born to be wild-seppenwolf
mark knoppfler
these things take time-the smiths
and caffs!

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

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