Monday, 19 January 2009

'apparently' monday the 19th of january is the most depressing day of the year. ho hum, sigh etc

i want you all to know i'm feeling very depressed, not really (no more than usual at any rate) monday the 19th of january is the most dee-pressing day of the year according to all those wonderful experts, but don't top yourself it'll be tuesday tommorrow probably, i'm no expert in these matters. just have a cup o'tea and think about somethin else is my advise, tea is the answer to everything oh yes!

any hitchhikers guide to the galaxy/ian dury and the blockheads fans out there WON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!

and more and more and more-,RNWN:2006-41,RNWN:en%26sa%3DG - how wonderfull!!!!

there are 'apparently' eight hundred and ninety eight active satellites in our atmosphere, do you think theres like a starbucks satellite or a scientologist satellite? maybe will smith has one, or like a wimpy satellite thats out of commission and fallen into an unstable orbit, it could fall on your house (if it didn't break up in the atmosphere)

imagine the wimpy satellite landing in your garden!

r.i.p. Tony Hart, he was truly a top bloke.

this blog is brought to you by grey shirts, the book 'space' by stephen baxter and the songs isolation by john lennon, isolation by iggy pop-featuring none other than david bowie! and quarantine by the cakes. i'm off to the kettle, bye!

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

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