Tuesday, 27 January 2009

the wednesay blog doo dah day.

some of my stuff, three completey unrelated photographs! medium format and 35mm nikon goodness.
Hereford in december.
Sheffield tinsley towers (deceased)
Hungover gentlemen in Bulgaria.

jus for the fun of it really. i think my loverly start to the new year january fun time mump fest may be at last entering the end game. and although it has been immensely enjoyable i may be forced to enter the real world again, be socially active, talk to people and here's the kicker-get a zarking job and earn so green! i'm in actual going out of my tiny mind not working and getting my hands dirty sounds pretty freaking lush right about now, monkey work-whatever. i shall write a conclusion to 'the saga of the mumps' when it is called for but for the moment i think i shall go make some dinner!
this blog was brought to you by 'komm, gib mir deine hand' and 'sie
liebt dich' the beatles sing in german-genuinely, i swear i would not blow smoke up your ass! coudnt believe it, well good!
you all be good boys and girls and robotronic entities now!
elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x

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