Sunday, 1 February 2009

on le poderosa man!

christ its february! unruddybloodybelievable. the yell were ace, sheffield factory goodness. appart from dan making monkeys out of me and Leeroy, pitting Leeroy against Leeroy, the swine that he is. THE SWINE! next time dan. oh-ho next time sir thou'est balls'est shall but surely be placed upon the rack and lo, Leeroy and Leeroy shall but do no lessest than the rhumba upon them. and lo. . . sir, thou shall be but surely fucked. . . .est. add to that another chapter of 'woman confuse the living hell outof me' was that beautifull beautifull woman interested in me or was it a case of, hey whos that mental looking guy-boy does he look mental. who knows, do you? does anyone? i sure as shit don't!


for lack of a more inspiring photograph to put into todays blog, here is a capybara snuffling in the water.

todays blog thanks-

bumping into james on the bus

the yell-the age of pursuit

alice cooper-spark in the dark

the motorcycle diaries

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