Thursday, 12 February 2009

wed more snow, holy hell! or. a different headline altogether. or. oh frig its already thursday i'm a day behind!!!

i don't know why anyone would possibly want to read this. . . . this. . . this. . these ravings! but don't let that stop you.

last night i dreampt about my favourite jumper. i bought it a couple weeks ago, it was reduced cos there were a few pulls in the material and its just gone into the wash for the first time. i dreamp i was taking it back to the shop to exchange it or somethin because of said pulls which were maybe worse. i found someone who worked there, a bloke with a fairly thin mustasche-the kind that leads down from the septum and reaches to two points, east and west. he was gingerish and shortish. i explained (probably) what the score was and he began to receed with my jumper. thats all i remember.

so the significance was what then? simply that i miss my new jumper? have i recently lost something else i want back? or am i just fucked in the head?! email your suggestions to-

anything significant to report, YES!

i have just read some franz kafka, quite fascinating! existentialism, does anybody know anything about existentialism?!? certainly i intend to read more and delve into existetialism!

another thing thats fascinating-CHAOS THEORY! i know a little of this but very very interesting

ha ha.

brought to you by jumpers,


chaos theory,

and some other stuff

elrositter x x x x x x x

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