Monday, 2 February 2009

standstill, no go, stopped, kkrrk k. . . .breaking up. . or - enough snow in my garden to make a snow dalek!

wow etc, most snow in eighteen years and we're expecting a second wave. london knackerd but beatuifull. blizzard conditions expected in the south east! its pretty crazy. offcourse its brung the country to its knees and is continuing to cripple little ole england here. a LOT of snow i know but we just can't handle anything at all can we really, i mean 'anything' at all. we're not equipped to cope with any sort of unusaul wether, situation, event or very much at all, hell if its raining heavyier than normal sheffield town centre all but immediately grinds to a holt! road, air, rail, sea-shut!

quite enough negative i think.

it is rather amazing to see so lets focus on that yeah

buh bye
brought to you by-
anticipation of soul shredder tonight

elrossiter x x x x x x xx

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