Wednesday, 18 February 2009

zwanzig full circle blog spectacular! or. i dream therefore i am.

Just as I was thinking, hmm twentieth blog-need something good, I HAVE ANOTHER MENTAL DREAM-you lucky people!!! this thus links us to my first blog on here, bringing us full circle! we may become trapped in some sort of time paradox here people. . . . . . .

I awoke from this dream into the real world in a flash, straight from one to the other-remembering the dream with astounding clarity. When remembering my dreams I generally don’t remember voices, conversations, feelings and faces as clearly as I did this morning-it was amazing! But of course it starts to slip and melt away very very quickly so here I’m getting it down.
My companion throughout this was one of my old uni buddies jo. from final year photography degree. I’ve wondered many a time what she’s upto (same for everyone else) but not got in touch-so heres the time. Me thinks this dream was my subconscious kicking me in the head saying ‘message her you dousche bag’!

Okay so Its already slipping, struggling to remember we’re it started. Me and jo get into this gondola life type affair, its quite spacious and theres a third person with us that we both know. Can’t remember who, a woman I think, slightly older than us, I get the feeling she’s maybe a tutor/lecturer. So this ‘craft’ starts up and gets to quite a high speed, theres nothing on the inside-no chairs or straps or owt. The front and back are curved and have very large windows. There was a rocking motion to the thing, I think we would speed up quite vastly and slow down, the rocking motion strongest at the speeding/slowing. Also the windows would open on occasion, sliding gracefully up. They would do this in order to allow brightly lit ‘billboard’ like objects pass through the craft, even though I think some may have been bigger than the craft itslelf and it was offcourse sealed all the way round. Not that it mattered or affected us. At points we were sliding about, me being on my front, fairly nervous and apprehensive but being able to see out. I’m not sure if I knew we’re we were going but I have an impression it was paris (but It may not have been). I recall going and following a river or canal which was quite beautiful and European looking. I remarked to jo that this is the way I go to work, I flew to work in some sort of jet fighter you see.
When we were nearing our destination we went over some buildings, old hoses I think and the craft was changing direction, I said to jo that it reminded me of Hereford. I don’t recall leaving the craft but the next part was good and mental, not quite pole travel but still good (see first blog) me an jo (our other companion having gone) go behind this line of trees and theres this giant wall. Ordinary wall I think not! Its red and a type of plastic, that strong slightly rubbery thin stuff. Like what they used to make inflatable furniture out of! The wall wasn’t thick or solid and I never saw a top or end to it but it was as if it was hanging from somewhere unseen above. It had some give to it you see. Now there were quite a lot of people around and some were scaling this thing. It wasn’t like indoor rock climbing with the hand holds, the wall had these seam like splits. Sort of like the ones you get on some food packaging but they didn’t just split straight off to leave a long slit, more like the seam would split where you pushed your fingers through. But ‘just’ around your fingers so it would still be sealed in between the fingers. The seams didn’t run continuously but were in patches. So I can’t recall starting the ascent but I know jo was ahead of me and we had gained another companion. A bloke with black hair and possibly some sort of facial hair goatee arrangement. He and jo were continuing together ahead of me, and I next remember being a fair way up, certainly above the tree line. Jo and this bloke had reached a narrow shelf, I say shelf because it was perfectly flat exactly like a step but not t very wide. I was five or ten feet below them and had begun to feel nervous and a bit faint. I think I decided I wasn’t going to make it and needed to go back. I spoke to jo at this point and asked her to speak to me (consciously trying to distract myself) I asked her to tell me a story or something, I think she asked what about and I said anything, infact I believe I asked her about sid and she said he was fine and continued. The next thing we were back on the ground, a lot of people were around and they were all heading past us in the same direction. When I awoke I remembered two or three peoples faces so clearly and so distinctly it amazing and as if I’d just seen them in real life. One girls bright red lipstick, anothers eyes and lip piercing, all grinning looking thoroughly happy.

Well that’s it. God I love these mental dreams, I bloody love them their fucking great! Please don’t try to get me sectioned.

brought to you by having a nicely eccentric subconscious,
old friends,
bad news

elrositter X x x x x x x x x

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