Sunday, 22 February 2009

artery-they make my eyes rattle and my mind quake. or. my computer is doing rather strange things.

repomen, artery, carlin academy, sheffield.

a silhouetted dousche bag.

the fabulous repomen!


i've seen at least a thousand different types of monster. . . . in the eyes. . . . of bassists.

an eagle hovered above, my dreams last night. its eyesight was an extension of my pain!

the book i've got in my hand, is called the business jungle.

the edge! (cheeky)

five trains past me by today, four blue and one. . . a peculiar greEEey.

afterwards-the ultimate song to get 'pickled' to!

my computer seems to have come over all queer so its pretty much touch or go for the moment. my blogging days could be numbered! oh god i'd have to go an like . . . . talk to people in real life 'shudder' nar jus yankin yer chain, i love people me!
but my computer may explode, what i was tryin to say.

brought to you by the physical prescence of mark goldthorpe,
top bloke denzil,
having 'A' follower who may actually read this gumf,
shiv and lisa ;)
the genius of photography

elrositter x x x x x x x x x x x

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