Monday, 9 February 2009

swindonia happened!!! or. tuesday words one.

somehow i made it aaaall the way to swindonia with an hour stop off in loondoon. snow cannot stop us rugged northeners! was fucking ace seeing the guys and girls and i am immensely glad it happened! us four lads had muchos pub fun on friday, lovely local boozers provided us with ale and rum and that blonde drying parts of herself on that fire! saturday brought us feelin nice an hanging and going hunting for the cure of munch! then the girls arrived which was ace's, we had fajita wrap munch and beer, followed by hitting the local boozer which featured stowfords press, the hollies and one of the girls making a friend for life in fred! back to the house for some more boozle yes, tunes, and much talking till loooong into the night/morning. we also learnt some fascinating excercise techniques from one of the girls and leant many things from each other, too much maybe, maybe not. there was a couple of insidents of drama over the weekend but no permanent damage was done fortunately, possibly even increased bonding. sunday brought my return back up north. ridonkulously early on a sunday after a lush but rushed breakfast. caught my coach, two hours break in loondoon wher unfortunately i missed seeing my loondoon cockney brah, but i did see buckingham palace. so i can say i've seen that, not that it blew my tiny llittle mind or owt. nine hours later i was home, it was LUSH seeing everyone and i woudn't have missed it for the world! massive congratulations are in order for my brother for organising his upcoming photography mission/adventure! and for our favourite canadian lassy for getting her job! you both did ace, coudn't be happier for you both ;)

on an un-related bent.

arthur dent - no, listen. benji said its easy to suspect, that if theres any real truth, its that the entire multi-dimensional infinity of the universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs.

brought to you by-
crossing the country and deffying weather,
metamorphosis-franz kafka
ian dury and the blockheads

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

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