Thursday, 21 January 2010

62-no significance thursdi. or. strange blogger in a strange land.

do you ever get that 'feeling come sensation' where you see a shape, or shadow or movement out of the corner of your eye which dissapears when you turn to look directly at it?? i do.....all the bloody time! sometimes more oft than others. what do you reckon it is though, now thats the question i had in mind while conceiving this blog of which you are reading. is there some simple boring explanation (probably) like light reflection which dissapears when you turn your head because your perspective has shifted. or do we want to talk about somethin more interestin....well now that you mention it elrossiter mi owd mucker!

okay so is there some form of undiscovered exotic life that moves at unheard of speeds and is uber paranoid and wishes to remain out of the papers? perhaps. i mean 'we' discover new and crazier forms of life all the time don't we?? and besides in an infinite universe........ so these creatures watch and observe people (maybe other forms of life too) but when we notice them they shoot off. maybe

or maybe its the dead, ghosts or souls or somethin. that we can't perceive truly but only as a vague awareness which goes when we try to focus on it. because surely to observe these things truly would turn our minds inside out!

the most likely explanation is that its god fucking with us because he's nothing better to do with himself!! ha ha what do i know.....

this blog is being blogged to you from a theatre in that london town. i am not here to take in any wonderful dramatic dancing or interprative crazyness, but because the mrs works here and i am accompanying her while 'jobhunting etc' nothing else obviously. apart from some groovy sounds courtesy of think we might grab a pint afterwards-which'll suit me just spiffingly sir!!

brought to you by my need for this writing words stuff,
the gormenghast trilogy,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x

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