Sunday, 24 January 2010

its the end of the world sundi, oh shit. or. sixty summat, who knows.

had me a post-appocalyptic type dream last night. s'true alright! i was with my dad and it was mid-way through the end of the world disaster. there was rumbling of the earth and darkening of the sky and poluting of the air and everythin really! we were trying to get some sort of survival pack/kit together so we could get the hell out. i'm not sure where we were gonna go but there was deffinately some sort of a plan. the thing was i taking like forever to get my shit together and really dithering, and boy was this really the worst time to be dithering!!
thats all i've got really i'm afraid....sorry! it was no 2012 i know, no arks or anything ha ha. no mel gibson or bruce willis. oh well. lifes like that i'm sorry to have to tell you!

i've just re'watched this-


its studio ghibli so already your pretty confident you will avoid dissapointment! and its all the way from 1984. and it is stunning yes, visually alone, the world it creates and the creatures within. it has all the messages about treating the world with some respepct and gratitude. you know, be a part of everything and work with nature because for god's sakes it knows what its doing!!! if theres a poisonous forest, don't burn it down, its there for a reason! and ofcourse don't be twats towards your fellow man even if they are from a foreign land and a bit different.
all that sort of stuff. nature and everything, brilliant.

anyway trust me its a beautiful, wonderfull film. and patrick stewarts in it!

brought to you by nausicaa,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x

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