Thursday, 14 January 2010

after all these months, its mental dream time folks! or. today must be a thursday. . . .

yes its true! after all these months of normal(ish) and boring dreams, a mental has been dreampt. and a dark and horrible one at that, not at all fun at the time i have to say.

so. it was all about me, my mrs and 'avatar' the location wasn't anywhere inparticular and i'm upset to say that much of the dream has slipped from my mindbox! so yeah it was me and the mrs, but i was calling her 'avatar' its not like she was blue and 15 feet tall or anything but i think she may have looked a bit different. the dream was focused around what i'm going to call an object. it was sort of a frame basically and big enough to comfortably stand under. it didnt have any sides so you could see the person within, though the mrs was the only person i saw go into the thing! and go into it she did several times. now what happened inside it was this-there were some wire, tubuell, organic tendril like thingamabobs hanging down, much like some of the 'tendril' thingamabobs from avatar, the bits that are tucked into the beings tails that emerge and are used to connect with the various beasties that they use for transport. the connecting of these tendrils creates a bond which is basically a link between the two 'beings'.
so there are these tendrils in this object and they connect (link) with the person that enters, they attach to the head area, it was kinda hazey and i think maybe they actually connect straight into the persons mind or soul! so the mrs did this several times, it had an ennormous effect on her and physically appeared to be giving her some sort of high, it was like it took her to another place entirely, i mean like it was enlightening her or raising her soul to another level or plane or some such! and its effects increased the more she used it.

the last time she used it killed her, sort of. well her body remained but like there was nothing in it. i think she achieved some sort of ascension or her soul went off some where, that kind of thing ya know. so ofcourse i was pretty devastated and spent the rest of the dream simply being devastated and distraught in varying locations.
cheery or what?? but don't you go worrying folks, for i have spoken with and indeed physically seen (via that skype) the mrs this very day and she is well and experienced no such ascension shennanigans whatsoever!

so that was that.

i'm excited about iron man 2 and the next 'dresden files' book-'changes'. both out in april!! anyone else excited??

brought to you by all sorts of things really,
the amount of tea i drink when i don't leave the house all day,
just stuff really

elrossiter x x x x x

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