Tuesday, 12 January 2010

double whammy anniversary festo tuesday! or 60 and 365

hello there!

i'm kinda rusty at this as its been thirteen weeks and a day since my last blog and i'm sincerely sorry guys and girls!! but i'll just ramble a bit and then post, typical elrossiter style yo.

ITS NOT A WIND-UP LOVE, I REALLY THINK LIKE THIS IS A YEAR OLD TODAY!!! cue fanfare, screaming women and victoria sponge. and its my sixtieth post, cue mild whoops and maybe a single high five then getting on with our lives. hence double whammy anniversary festo-though to be honest i'm sure there has to be some sort of 'happening' or 'event spectacularrrr' or shennanigan tomfoolery of some sort so this is probably false advertising but hey-SHIT happens!
so how'm i celebrating this momentous occasion i hear you holler. well now just calm yourselves down an i shall kindly tell you. to celebrate i am drinking a cammomile tea and listening to echo and the bunnymen....but before you despair and jump to the conclusion that ole elrossiter has gone soft on you just hold your horses yeah!! for i have been coach travelling from that london and been (a bit) ill so there you go. i have been having many a late night in that london though and having good times so don't write me off!

god i'm so easily distracted at the moment and i don't even know who i'm talking to hear really. an actual real person may read it at some point but i don't know what i'm expecting. i suppose i'm just writing to myself really, i don't fuckin know, i just enjoy throwing down random thoughts and clearing my mind a bit. if you don't like it you won't read it will you?? so nought ventured, nought gained!

some contemporary entertainment for you-

saw this last night, it was actually really really good and i recommend it! like many people i was of the oppinion that sherlock holmes and doctor watson runnin around, swearing and being a bit uncouth was not what it should be about! but having seen it i have to say it that it pretty much works. it makes sense for them to have such skills and would seem to be a nessesity given the time period. though i think the whole 'cage fight' type thing with holmes 'was' too much and quite unnessasary really.
but anyway the writing was great, the story great, sets great, cast was brilliant, relationships between characters entirely believable and realistic and the set-up for more films was done nicely too!
GREAT FILM-go see!!

just finished reading this.
very briefly-it was alright.

things i didnt like-a few of the things he did with the characters, the sections without anyone of the existing HH characters-what was the point, didnt really conclude the series or bring any particular closure or 'oh, thats alright then' sort of feelings which i'd thought was kindof the point-that he was finishing it off.

things i did like-he pretty much got the characters right and i believed his writing of them, his style was 'though obviously not exact' close enough to douglas' that it worked and it was easily accepted, some good moments that made me laugh, that he didnt do anything 'too' horrific or unaceptable with any of the characters and didnt bring marvin back, a couple of nice douglas adams ref's that you would have missed if you didnt no much about the great man.

my main problem was that eoin didnt make that much use of this incredible opportunity, douglas was always commenting on society's nonsensical ways, on technology, religion, politics, and so many things-now mostly harmless was released in 1992, thats nearly 18 years ago, how was has happened since then that doulglas would have been picking up on??? lots basically and eoin didnt really seem to give it much thought. so in that respect 'and another thing' was fairly dissapointing, like i finished it and i was just like 'oh. right. okay then'.
well i dunno, i'm sure there are many other people who havent been nearly as kind or fair when reviewing this book and i have tried to be at least objective. it didnt grocely offend me so i'm thankfull for that!! any oppions??

well now i'm listening to billy bragg ha ha ha so heres to another year of I,N,A,W,U,L,I,R,T,L,T, thanking you muchly if you've ever glanced at this blog, obviously mistaking it for something else them hastilly scrambling elsewhere.

well two out of three were contemporary so i'll count that as a win!

look after yourselves

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the late and great douglas adams

elrossiter x x x x

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