Saturday, 30 January 2010

human league 3PO satdi. or. are things being shit?? blog about it.

so i go out this mornin (2ish) my mission is to go to the local library at darnall to print some job applications then whack em in envolopes which are addressed and ready to go. then i'm off up handsworth to the post office to send off this velvet jacket which i've sold on ebay and packed this mornin (actual mornin) and to get stamps and post the letters! i'm conscious that its satdi so i go the post office website to check openin times, put in post code, theres my post office-open till 5. so i do the library bit then catch the bus to post office, its open so i go in (natyrally) and i'm sayin 'i need to post this' to the bloke and he's noddin his head. he says its closed, the post office bit is closed, its only open for 'lottry' so i'm like 'what, really? i've been on the post office website and it says 'OPEN'. 'well shows you how much use that is' he helpfully replies! so i make one of those exhaling of breath noises that signifies your annoyance and dissapointment. 'o'right well can i bye some stamps' i say, reaching for my wallet. he's nodding his head again. 'post office is closed, all that (indicates with arm movements) is closed. its just lottry.'
i've had enough now, 'bloody ell i can't even buy stamps?!'. so i go down to asda for stamps. what a bag of shite!! the post office is open but you can't actually post anything or do anything even mildly post officey! moan over!!

to get over this massive ordeal (sarcasm yes) i've been listening to sheffields finest 'HUMAN LEAGUE' and i discoved this-

check out 3PO throwing down some shapes!

and the human league as they naturally are-

Mr oakey in the open topped car is genius ha ha. by the way he only looked like that later on there career, for classic oakey-do some investafagating!! dunno what the film is, concentrate on the tune!!

i need another cup o'tea now.

brought to you by things annoying me by being shit,
black books,
tea, human league

elrossiter x x x x x x x

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