Sunday, 24 January 2010

i want you all to know i'm feeling depressed. or. unpresidented levels of uncertainty

scientists have decided today 'sundi the 24th of january' is the most depressing day of the year. and have dubbed it 'blue monday' for fuck knows what reason frankly. what with the come down after christmas and the climate and unpresidented levels of uncertainty etc..... don't talk to me about uncertainty. prehaps ''the scientists'' should have been inventing something uselfull, like a form of self distributing grit or a cure for my bloody asthma ay!!! did they get paid for this for..... and anyway does anyone really need another reason to be told that they are depressed, i know i fucking don't!!! its sundi and i'm on my own as it is!! so thankyou very fucking much for that scientists!

(insert picture of marvin below)

i'm gonna av another cup of tea to solve this equation + a buiscuit even though its nearly tea time. this's what scientists have driven me to!

brought to you by jarvis on 6 music on sundi,
conducting research and surveys about the incredibly bleeding obvious,
life, the universe and everything radio play

elrossiter x x x x

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