Thursday, 28 January 2010

just gone midnight sixty five (i think) or. ouija booooard ouija boooooard, what have you done to me?

Rest in Peace J. D. Salinger. You don't need me to tell you about his incredible and prolific work so i'll leave it at that.

That can of Lilt sure cheered me up, could be 6 months since i've had one! the only time i'm ever gonna enjoy grapefruit is when i'm drinkin that stuff (wether theres actual grapefruit in there or not......) i heartily look forward to my next can in 6 months time!!

why the HELL!!!! has this ''in the world of viagra'' popped up in my blogs i'm following feed??? SERIOUSLY!!?? i've never seen this blog, i've never used viagra nor ever needed to thankyou very much and why would i follow it on blogger even if i thought i might need it?? AND! there are no actual blogs there nor any information whatever! just the picture of some dousche called andrew in a suit! his profile doesnt have any blogs in it either, it says 4 profile views and i think 3 of them were from me tryin to figure this shit out!! its beyond me.....

thats it, except that morrissey is hillarious and i love him for it!

brought to you by joan sims and kathy burke,
and black books

elrossiter x x x x

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