Tuesday, 10 March 2009

chest hair tuesday. or. infact no-chest hair tuesday it is!!

apparently tom jones has insured his chest hair for 3.7 million pounds. i think thats brilliant!

but does that mean he could go an shave it off. . . . then make up anything he blummin well wanted to?!

coudnt bring myself to put a picture of im with the chest out. your welcome!

i heard this wonderful story by mr jones on radio 2 the other month. he was talking about elvis presley right because they were buds or whatever. apparantly the king was a bit of a gun fanatic and had quite a few, because of which the f.b.i. had to give him a liscence. to make it easy for him to carry guns across borders e.t.c. so elvis 'the king' presley was an official f.b.i. agent! how cool's that! mr jones still has a gun engraved with elvis' initials that he gave him. i think thats cool. you may not.

brought to you by whats new pussycat?
insuring parts of your body why not,
amsterdam by bowie

elrossiter x x x x x x x

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