Monday, 16 March 2009

monday back to ink, paper, tea, garden, diary bloggin, elrossiter, broken computer, oh my, what, i dunno, who are you. or. computer bust=slow blogs

thas right cats i'm not dead (you can't trust the headlines nowadays can ya?) my computer has merely temporaraly flown the coop (bust that is)

i am currently blogging from the darnall library. and boy am i gonna become a regular here! so little time so much to unnescasary rubbish to fling at you!

was interrupted from my dream this mornin by a fone call-consarn it idle (shakes fist at sky). was on my back garden which looked like a weird birthday petting zoo type affair. cages with rabbits and guinea pigs and groups of people. some nob ead put a pit bull in with the rabbits but there were no casualties! i had a little moan about it and was about to go upstairs with a lovely lady i had been with, i think she a cross between to birds i know but i can't remember which one. was rudely awoken anyways, just before i got to the good stuff yamean.

how awesome is peep show?!?

why does flying around the planet at unheard of speeds thus making the planet spin the other way reverse time and not just send everyone flying into space or liquify them?! still good though

brought to you by tea,
darnall library-thankyou thankyou,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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