Thursday, 26 March 2009

new books for elrossiter!! or.buffalo and bison. bison and buffalo thursday

i'm not blogging much am i. no real and/or profound reason why not. wow that was thrilling!!!

i have dicovered-

i present to you the dresden files by jim butcher -applause, fanfair, balloons, a child handing me a flower etc. so its a modern day fantasy/detective/character driven/real world trying to deal with magic/chicago based romp, in my own words! okay so it hasn't exactly created it's own sub genre through originality but theres certainly enough there for it to be plenty interesting and apppealing. our hero being the wizard harry blackstone copperfield dresden whom is trying to pay the rent by making available his highly specialised services-


Lost Items Found. Paranormal
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties
or Other Entertainment

-this's all sposed to be in the middle but the twat won't have it!! its on a plaque next to his door. the other main character is lieutenant karrin murphy. harry's expertise are often called in by the 'old bill', by murphy who is the director of special investigations and harry is their 'libary of the supernatural on legs'. i love the relationship these two have, which at times is extremely shaky. they sort of need each other. harry also has a massive cat called mister who we like.

anyway trust me its good, do as i did an get the first from yer local library enporium and look for the next few in the series in a cheap bundle!

aye so storm front ofcourse being the first in a series of many. borrowed from mi wonderful local library emporium yesterday and read three quarters of it. this's my favourite kind of easy/fun readin that i can sit down with anywhere and just tear through it. the perfect escape book! i mean i love joseph heller and irvine welsh to pieces but sometimes you just need somethin thats doesnt require you to remember a million characters and previous events. catch-22-love it but you need full concentration for hours on end, with storm front-read on the bus nee problem.

okay so its got a good premiss, interesting characters you care about one way or another and a good story you can think about. perfect trash,in the best way! theres also a tellevision series which may be great but i'm not gonna watch it cos i'm always slightly disappointed and i much prefer imaging the characters an that for myself anyways.

what else have i got to say. i'm doing the photography for mi mates night 'no uniform' tomorrow so that'l be good, bands, dancing, getting drunk etc. got a job interview in the mornin for a crappy clothes shop so hopefully that'l go well! and rewatching the eccleston doctor who's-which are absolutely fucking brilliant!

brought to you by, jim butchers dresden files,
echo and the bunnymen,
avoiding doing anything usefull,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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