Sunday, 8 March 2009

first things first but not necessarily in that order sunday 30. or. thank the gods i'm hungover thirty!

do you know what yer gonna haveto wait for the drummond/echo fest cos i've not got it in me to write it all now!! i can hear the millions of you now, weeping and such-not much longer, keep yer pecker up!!

yes you read correctly. i am indeed happy to be hungover. not because i'm some sort of sado masachist-thats got nothing to do with it! but because it means i went out last night and didn't stay in the house moping about getting massively depressed and frustrated! it was good, i got drunk on pints, had some good chin wagging, stan made me laugh with his whistling along to the tunes, basically i escaped for a bit which was prexactly what was needed.

what else. . . yes ha ha ha another dream! you lucky people-

okay so we were going in search of the 'brown rhino' to yaknow save it sort of thing!! we were in new zealand (the home of the brown rhino?) hmm. . . there was a small group of us, which included tony robbinson, TONY ROBINSON KIDS-YES! we were in a hilly dry area and i can really only remember sliding down a hill and the end of the dream. which was when me an tony spotted the beasty. he slid down a hill which turned up at the bottom into a natural ramp. he took to the air and splashed down in a smallish pool of water which was where the rhino was at. i followed and landed in the pool, sinking to the bottom. i tried to swim up but didn't make any progree, then i woke up-presumably so i didn't drown. tony robinsom though folks!

time for sunday dinner!!!!

brought to you by tony robinson,
david bowie,
pints of beer

elrossiter x x x x x x x x x xx

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