Wednesday, 18 March 2009

some bad shit wednesday. or. please don't say crack jeremy, cos when you say crack it makes me think about crack. and i love crack!

whats goin on out there man? theres some fucked up shit on the news (as per) a bloke convicted of rape and murder has been discovered after 27 years of incarceration to be innocent. so who the fuck did it then?! the bastards been walkin around for nearly 3 decades like a normal person! i don't know.

on a less depressing note, the colour of this yogurt is fantastic! its lemon and passionfruit and looks luminous-maybe its the soft light. the suns been good this last couple days, hell i put shorts on yesterday!! whew i know, i know. hope this weekend goes well, lookin forward to seein mi old college friend.

peep show man seriously-its sooo good. feckin funny funny stuff!

Mark - If you ask me Skywalker was bloody lucky to get away with turning off his guidance system

"Note to self re being the Fonz. Mark, you are not the Fonz."

sophie - Mark you said she was a nuckle head and to nuckle down or you would nuckle her fat head.

Jez - This is good. This is just like watching a porno, except I can't see anything, I haven't got a hard-on, and I want to cry...

Jez - I wish I was a robot, maybe I could punch through a wall (to Mark) 'How thick is wall?'

brought to you by getting nothing of importance whatsoever done,
dune messiah,
mitchell and webb,
the loverly sun

elrossiter x x x x x x xx x x x

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