Tuesday, 3 March 2009

elrossiter can only get so far tuesday. or. normal dreams about women

unbelievably last night i had two dreams about woman! whoopdifuckindoo you may well say, fair enough. but its been so pragging long since i've had a relatively normal dream, let alone two in a row! so suffer or don't, sup to you's

the first was brief but seemed to be set in a knocking shop, like the one i pictured from early on in catch 22 when there in paris, nately's whore an all that! don't remember much, two woman, probably had sex with one.

the second was much better! i had a wife and daughter, at least i assume they were my wife and daughter ha ha. my wife had very dark brown straight hair with a fringe, and was most attractive! my daughter had the same hair i think but yaknow shorter, in fact i'm pretty sure ahe was based on this illustration by the fantabulous rich, in the last pannel, the little girl looking quizzicaly at k-9-

anyway i was with my wife in the shower 'having a very good time' then we got out and she was in a dressing gown, so was i presumably. i'm not too sure of the setting, could almost have been an old wooden ship, the walls an floor made out of wood. anyway my daughter only showed up briefly an we sent her to get us two beers (if i ever become a father i will never do this) my wife then produces this very large bottle of 'double scotch', the bottle was plastic as it had some give to it, rectangular and overly large. there was something on the inside wall of the bottle that looked almost like vains. these turned out to sort of water the scotch which i then believe my wife told me after letting me taste it. it was quite drinkable and i noticed it was only like 9%. at this point i became cheeky with her dressing gown and noticed how red her back was from the shower. then we went to the bed and thats all you get to hear! needless to say all conncerned had a good time.

stay tuned for a future bill drummond/echo and the bunnymen blogtactular! whatta writer and whatta band!!! who is this echo? is he a sinister trickster or the only one with a clue? and what have interstellar ley lines to do with him?

brought to you by wonderfull wonderfull dreams,
bill drummond/echo an'bunnymen,
life on mars,

elrossiter x x x x x x x x xx x

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