Sunday, 1 March 2009

thursday an fridays dreams revealed. or. sunday zimbo zimbo zimbo


oh the mental dreams were coming thick and fast last thursay an fri, ho ho. more journey stuff ofcourse, man my sub-conscious really is going ape shit trying to get me to understand.

Okay so-The longest one first, bearing in mind I can’t recall as much as I’d like! Disturbing content warning by the by!

So I’m on this train right, but its more like a supertram because its really wide-the gangway between the seats being maybe ten feet wide. And the train is really really frigging long but again its more like a tram as its all one big thing with no diaphragm like section connecting the separate carriages. As with all my journey dreams I don’t know where I’m a’headin-gee folks do you think this could be important?! Now I think I was sat towards the front of this train but again (another fucking theme emerges) I never see the ends of it so it goes on forever as far as I can tell. I leave my stuff where I’ve been sitting and make my way down the train, I encounter a kid/kids at some point and one or more of them follow me for a bit, in that keeping their distance, peeping over and around stuff kinda way that kids sometimes do. I don’t remember talking to anyone but after I had got so far I think I’d stopped and then noticed that my name was being shouted from towards the front. The voices were of that sort of soft, dreamy, distant quality and they drifted towards me. It took a few moments before I noticed this, at which point I snapped to attention and realised that it was because my stop was coming up. I also realised I didn’t have enough time to get my stuff from way up the train before we went past the stop and so I missed it. Now I don’t remember going back for said ‘stuff’ but what was happening now was I was trying to think what to do and the driver or maybe the captain was trying to work out how to help me as well. This person realised where I had to get off so I could make a connection, whether that was for another train or that someone was going to pick me up I know not. But anyway I went an’somehow missed this frigging stop too! But I did remember the name of this place! Which I no longer can-it began with a G I’m sure of. I also suspect that it wasn’t quite a real place but if I could remember it I would know a lot more about myself and the universe than I do now!!! The only other thing I remember, and bear in mind its quite disturbing-is that we ran somebody over! It was I think a black woman with two kids, one in a pram! This suggests the train wasn’t endless because it must have had a front. I think I braced myself for the bump but there wasn’t one. Pretty messed up ay folks?!

Another dream you lucky people! This one was some sort of aliens (sigorney weaver style) parody. I don’t recall being with anyone but I was in what looked very much like a cross between one of the ships-the nostromo and the aliens main hive from ‘aliens’. i could have been on a ship to start with but I ended up on the ground, it was Sheffield town centre slightly before dawn, and there were definitely other people somewhere-don’t know who! The most significant (not to mention mental) part of the dream was that in place of the aliens were lions and tigers! Oh yes, they were lurking I believe though I don’t think they came really close. Ha yeah that’s that one!

And a short one! QI basically. there was the fantastic Stephen fry sitting where he normally does and on the left was the fantastic Richard e’grant! Now Stephen asked me what I knew about someone and I’m not entirely sure who. But my answer was that he wrote ‘faust’. Having just had a look now I see it was written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Back in the dark recesses of my tiny mind I am sure this information is hidden somewhere which makes me suspect Stephen may have asked ‘what do I know about goeth?’ either way my answer was that he wrote faust, Stephen then asked me if I knew when it had been written? I replied vaugely with ‘the eighteen hundreds?’ Richard then gave the answer which was the a.d. one hundreds’s to which I quipped the ‘the a.d. hundred an eighties. Thinking about it now I think I must have been playing ‘alan davies’ in this dream which I think is rather cool, plus I had very similar hair to him in my time!

And the last dream I have titled ‘night of the living improbable groping hands on top of an old double decker bus’
With another warning of disturbing content folks!!

Guess what? Another bleedin journey dream innit, the destination of which I am but ofcourse unaware! This one was on an old double decker bus!! My companion was my good friend whom we shall call ‘alan’. So I go up to the top deck to sit with alan but notice he’s sat with three other blokes on a seat to my left handside. The thing was the bus was of normal size and dimension, the four blokes sat on this seat didn’t have enough room, they were there but they should not have had enough room. It was like seeing a picture of a fat woman in a hat from the shoulders up then realising it was actually a picture of a skinny woman in full profile! Anyway I sat irritably behind them and looked out the window, when I turned forward the other three had vanished so I sat with alan. Shortly after there was a girl on alans lap straddling him doing erm. . . ’certain things’ with him-she may have been naked. I can’t pinpoint her age but she was a teenager (slightly younger than I’d preffer) now I don’t think I had any great reaction to this. It then tuned into some crazy horror scenario! A pair of hands began to reach up at me from the floor (though the floor was still there) and to pull at my garments, I didn’t like this would you believe and tried to get the hell away but another pair of hands appeared also trying to pull me down! That’s the last I remember.

Just your average ordinary regular dreams right folks?! HA! Its gonna get to the point where I’m afraid to sleep ha ha ha. Stay tuned for more if you think you can cope with it.

Brought to you by my specially unique tiny mind,
Lisa an shiv,
Echo and the bunnymen,
Bill Drummond

Elrositter x x x x x x x x x x

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