Thursday, 5 March 2009

thursday he who controls the spice, controls the universe. or. WORLD BOOK DAY!

STING! is Feyd Rautha. ha ha how can you not love sting? ? ? its impossible, an he looks far better than he should with that ginger hair (i don't fancy him, he's just cool). 'clears throught' yeah i j ust watched the david lynch DUNE film. its pretty good i think, some of it very good! patrick stewart is gurney halleck for flip sake ha ha ha-did not expect that. i loved the narration thing where we hear peoples thoughts, WHY IS THAT NOT USED MORE? ? ? especially with films of books, the narration is generally what makes the book so amazing in the first place! visually very very good! sand worms looked amazing. the baron was great, the massive disgusting, lunatic, pedo, cannibal, psyco bastard that he is! the casting of paul, jessica, the reverand mother, kynes, leto, the baron, rabban, feyd, yeou and hawat i thought were very good. stilgar wasn't quite what i'd imagined and the little alia did'nt have anywhere near as much impact as the book! i didn't get what that big pragging head/creature in that tomb thing was?! gonna re-read to find out. an the shields were a bit sketchy an i didn't like what they did with 'the voice', i saw it as being the subtleist of changes/intonations of the voice. and i wanted to see more of stilgar and more of pauls trust gaining of the fremen.

all things considered a very ace film of such a massive book!!! ofcourse after reading the book the film seems like the cliffnotes to it which is ultimately inevitable. so i've decided i'm not gonna bother watching the films and just read the books for the most part.


gods what a monster.

water is life.

lovely feyd.

he who can control a thing, can destroy a thing.

i must not fear, fear is the mind killer.

worm sign.


brought to you by sting (not fancyin him, thinkin he's cool),
michael jacksons comeback dates-who gives a shit?!
he is the kwisatz haderach,
bill drummond

elrossiter x x x x x x x


  1. Unfortunatly Sting looks too much like an older version of the guy out of Sum41 to be fanciable, he is cool though. Mickey Rourke on the otherhand, I'd take his mashed up mush face any day :-)

  2. OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! don't put the sting down like that cc, he's too ginger to be that kwont! point taken though, have you seen this? its perty good

    elrossiter x x x x x x

  3. Just saying what I see....saying what I see. Noe I haven't seen it. I must though xx